case of the ex...

why is it that when things are going well in a relationship, the past seems to appear out of nowhere? and in this case, the past isn't really present but in your mind, she is lurking around.

it's funny how we say, past is past....past has passed...and all the other stuff people say about the past, but still, we can't help but feel scared about the past coming back?

in my case, she is still very much his mom's memory and his friend's memory...i believe she attempted to contact him before but to no avail cause he claims - she's old news...but every time i visit her page and see her captions and her pictures, i cant help but ask myself - is she really over?

what if one day, when im deep within the comfort zone, she comes back and attempts to win him back? i've had other issues with some of his ex's but i got over them - but this one, something about her tells me that i should be on guard...maybe, from his mom's stories, she built her up as some sort of a paragon - i fear i cannot compete with her. i am still in awe with their history, they go way back...and from what i've heard, it took him some time to get over her.

im scared. as in, heart stopping, brows sweating scared!

Rolled Into One Mom

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