need to get my mojo back...

been slacking off work a lot lately, i got sidetracked by a lot of happenings in my life...didnt realize that while i was happy in love, my career (?) :-P was suffering and i woke up today thinking that hey! i cant let that happen...

thanks to this special man, who's become my guide and inspiration - he opened up my eyes to the reality that i need to stand up and do something to change my life...he's right - im not getting any younger and this directionless existence and "kalat-kalat" ordeal/drama? in my life is over - i need to take some action...and that's what i intend to do!

so im ready to take on the world because of you - thank you so damn much for being there for me! ILOVEYOU - you silly man! mwah! (",)
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