“Cervical Cancer: ‘Di mo DeCerv": Igniting Hope in the Fight Against Cervical Cancer: To cap off cervical cancer awareness month, MSD in the Philippines organizes an event to empower women to protect themselves from HPV and cervical cancer.


Cervical cancer poses a threat to women’s health everywhere, especially in the Philippines. Each year, over 8 thousand women in the country are diagnosed, and over 4,000 women succumb to it. Cervical cancer is the second most common cancer affecting Filipino women, particularly those between the ages of 15 and 44. For a largely preventable disease, these are devastating numbers to still have.


Healthcare company MSD in the Philippines mounts the “Cervical Cancer: Di mo DeCerv” event to empower women with a deeper understanding on HPV and cervical cancer, emphasizing the importance of prevention and early detection. This event aims to raise awareness and inspire women to take proactive steps in order to protect themselves from cervical cancer. More importantly, the event seeks to inspire hope and motivate women to put their health and well-being first. 


Understanding Cervical Cancer

Cervical cancer is predominantly caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV), which is responsible for 99% of cases. HPV is a common virus that spreads easily through intimate skin-to-skin contact, often without any noticeable symptoms. While many HPV infections clear up on their own, persistent infections with certain types of HPV can cause cervical cancer if left untreated.


The biggest cervical cancer takeaway is this: it’s almost completely preventable – something that can’t be said in other types of cancer. All thanks to HPV vaccines - cervical cancer is highly preventable. 


Di Natin DeCerv ang Cervical Cancer


Cervical Cancer: Di mo DeCerv is attended by medical professionals and health advocates, each with their own stories to tell. Some of the familiar faces, among others, include Andi Manzano and Belay Fernando, both public figures and staunch advocates against the disease.


Andi Manzano-Reyes

 Celebrity and influencer Andi Manzano-Reyes shares why she strongly advocates for cervical cancer awareness and prevention. Five months before Andi's wedding, her mother, Rose, was diagnosed with Stage 1B2 cervical cancer after experiencing unexpected bleeding. The diagnosis came as a shock, disrupting their carefree lives. Andi, deeply affected, supported her mother through chemotherapy while managing wedding preparations. Despite the emotional and physical toll, Rose triumphed over the cancer. This experience served as a wakeup call for Andi, and since then she has been a staunch advocate of cervical cancer prevention to protect loved ones from this preventable disease.


Belay Fernando

Bella Fernando de la Cruz, a former player and coach of the Philippine national team for women's football, has dedicated her life to advocating for women's sports. However, her journey took an unexpected turn when she was diagnosed with Stage 3B cervical cancer in 2018. This diagnosis served as a wake-up call, prompting her to reflect on how neglecting her health had led to this preventable disease. 

Despite initially dismissing concerning symptoms due to her busy lifestyle, Bella soon faced the harsh reality of advanced cervical cancer. Now living with neuropathy, Bella shares her story as a means of giving back, hoping to raise awareness about cervical cancer prevention. Through her advocacy, she aims to empower women to prioritize their health, undergo regular screenings, and get vaccinated, envisioning a future where cervical cancer is no longer a threat.


Through the lens of cervical cancer survivors and advocates, the event brings into sharp focus the real-world impact of prevention and screening. These personal stories share the reality that anyone’s life can be touched by cervical cancer and that people should start taking the necessary steps to avoid this disease. 


Join The Cause


The Rise Against Cervical Cancer: Di Mo DeCerv event aims to help the public learn about HPV and cervical cancer prevention, hear inspiring stories from advocates, and encourage them to be part of the fight against this preventable disease. Inform your families and loved ones, consult your doctor about protecting yourself from HPV, and do your part to help create a future free from cervical cancer. 

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