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#AlliedAgainstDengue and Calpol : An Alliance That Can Change Lives, The Dangers of Dengue & What Us Moms Can Do About It


If there's anything that can drive a mother to the edge of paranoia, it's hearing news of disease outbreaks that can lead to death. Yes, I am guilty of it.

One of the most dreaded virus that I would never wish on anyone - it's Dengue Virus.  Yes, I've seen some friends, their children & even my own sister suffer through it and how it has made them weak and helpless that I knew I have to actively take part in making sure that our home and community becomes Dengue-free. 

So when I was fortunate enough to be invited by Ms. Rowena Wendy Lim Lei to join GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare Philippines Inc. and other organizations at the recently held #AlliedAgainstDengue initiative launch - I was more than excited to attend. 

But before I go on any further, let me walk you through some of the important things Us Moms and everyone else needs to know about Dengue.

The Dangers Of Dengue Virus

Dengue fever is a virus infection caused by the Dengue virus. There are 4 kinds of Dengue viruses and these viruses are transmitted by the Aedis mosquito. 

If there's something that we need to realize, Dengue is becoming a rising health problem not just in the country but the whole world. Those that are most prone are usually tropical countries like the Philippines.

Signs and Symptoms of Dengue Virus:
  • high continuous fever that lasts 2-7 days
  • skin flushing
  • nose/gum bleeding
  • loss of appetite
  • nausea/vomitting
These signs can be mistaken for a regular flu but you need to make sure that you have your child tested (free Dengue kits are provided in your local health centers) for Dengue virus before ruling out any disease. 

Just like any careful Mom, I don't need to stress it enough - DENGUE kills. We need to always be on guard and on the lookout for signa and symptoms. 

What To Do When Child Has Dengue

Keep in mind Mommies - no medicine or antibiotic can treat Dengue. Proper rest and lots of fluid intake can help make it comfortable for the patient. 

Always provide paracetamol as aspirins and NSAIDS can trigger bleeding. 


Bring your child to the doctor after 2 days of consistent fever. 

Ways To Avoid Dengue Virus

Yes, we have in our hands mommie, the power to protect our children from Dengue virus. There are things we can practice or do at home that will ensure that mosquitoes will somehow steer clear! 

Remove all potential breeding places of mosquito! A clean and well-lit home is a plus as these disease carrying mosquitoes like it in the dark! 

An Alliance That Can Save Lives

As I've mentioned in the beginning, GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare Philippines Inc. has decided to join forces with notable agencies in the country to start the fight against the alarming effects of Dengue Virus in the country. 

Ms. Heather Pelier, General Manager of   
GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare Philippines Inc. said, "Dengue is rife in the Philippines and unless we join forces, the disease will become the fastest spreading health threat in the Philippines. GSK was motivated to initiate Allied Against Dengue as we were concerned of the escalating hazard and effects of dengue on the nation including our employees and their families who have experienced the dreaded disease. Uniting forces and actions enable greater empowerment across stakeholders, education delivery to communities nationwide and allow us to help people do more, feel better, and live longer. Allied Against Dengue is the catalyst to this with the ultimate goal to reduce the impact of dengue burden in Filipinos." 

Allied Against Dengue is the movement that aims to lead change and create bigger impact to society through collaborative partnerships with the DOH, private institutions, healthcare providers, media influencers, and community leaders. GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare Philippines Inc. together with the other coalition partners activate the ambitious roadmap that the movement has set out to achieve its goal of reducing the burden of dengue on society through empowerment and education. 

The roster of agencies that came together to form an alliance against the dangerous Dengue Virus. 

More than 1,200 pediatricians and pharmacists will be involved in the public education and awareness of Dengue fever management across Philippines. This is aligned to and complements the World Health Organization (WHO) global strategy for prevention and control and DOH's initiatives. Every alliance partner will leverage their core competencies and dedicate energy, funds and resources in the movement to help reduce the incidence rate of and deaths caused by Dengue fever. 

Dr. Lyndon Uy represented DOH as a proud Ally Against Dengue

With the deployment of a robust nationwide education campaign through multiple channels, Allied Against Dengue seeks to curb the incidence growth rate and ultimately, make a real difference to the lives of Filipinos. The coalition strategy will include:

• Distribution of 50,000 DOH primer to at least 5 public schools in Dengue hotspots in Metro Manila
• Distribution of 15,000 leaflets to 1,000 pediatricians and general practitioners
• Education of proper Dengue fever prevention and management to 20 health centers for Barangay outreach programs 
• Implementation of Continuous Pharmacy Education (CPE) program in identified chapters, targeting 200 pharmacists. 
• Education and recruitment of at least 1000 Allies Against Dengue through employee engagement, online and on ground activations. 

Sample of Dengue Primer from DOH. 

To achieve these milestones, Allied Against Dengue is set to roll out a series of initiatives including train the trainer programs, organized information centers through the coalition partners networks, community education activations, and employee volunteers who will be part of and drive the community outreach at dengue hot spots. 

The force behind Allied Against Dengue. 

Calpol Moms and Their Fight Against Dengue

Yes, as mentioned, it is important to remember that when your child is hit by Dengue fever - it is a must to provide him with paracetamol instead of NSAIDS (ibuprofen) or aspirin as these triggers further bleeding.

GlaxoSmithKline  on the other hand offers Calpol - our number 1 ally against Dengue Fever Management. 

Two Certified Calpol Moms were present at the launch of the #AlliedAgainstDengue Movement to show their solidarity and shared some helpful tips too. 

I am talking about Ms. Rowena Wendy Lim Lei - a mother and a blogger (Animetrics World) and of course, Ms. Jolina Magdangal- Escueta - actress, TV Host and a proud Mom to her son Pele. 

Ms. Rowena Lim Lei and Mrs. Jolina Magdangal - Escueta - Calpol Moms. 

Both Moms stand by their belief that Calpol (paracetamol) is suitable for managing Dengue fever. Why? 

•clinically proven to relieve 6 types of pain and fever, headache, sore throat, fever and pain after vaccination, toothache, muscle ache, musculoskeletal pain
• can be taken with or without food
• Based on WHO Pocket book of Hospital care for children (2013) Paracetamol base is the 1st line treatment recommended by WHO for children more than 2 months with fever. 
• Calpol 0-2 years old drops can be taken by children as young as one month old
• Drops and suspensions come with easy-to-use measuring cup for accurate dosing of children.
• Comes in kid-friendly flavours - orange for 0-2 year old drops, orange and strawberry for suspensions. 

Now who wouldn't trust Calpol? 

Doing My Part 

As head of the Health and Sanitation Committee in our community, I am one of those who is 100% behind the #AlliedAgainstDengue movement of GlaxoSmithKline.

We held a series of Dengue Virus Education Classes in some parts of our barangay, Larviciding and misting especially around the hot spots. 

I am part of this advocate that's why I am   glad to have been invited to be part of this momentous event. I am one of those who hope that one day, Dengue will not be a primary cause of Death in the country. 

And yes, I am also a Calpol Mom and a proud Ally Against Dengue. 

For more info about the movement and the force behind #AlliedAgainstDengue - do visit GlaxoSmithKline's website. 

Mega Bloks: Build Them Up!

A Toddlers Imagination

As a Mom to a very imaginative 3 year old boy, I want him to explore all the possibilities his young mind can reach. Because of this, I always make sure that the toys we buy for him are going to be helpful with his mental growth. 

Here's why we love mega bloks:

Every parent wants what's best for their kids. They want to build them up - and so do Mega Bloks! 

Giving parents everything they need to build the brightest possible future for their children is at the foundation of everything Mega Bloks do. They know that, as a parent, you'd do anything to nurture your child's growth and development. And we want to be there with you every step of the way, helping you reach new milestones together. 

When children build with their hands, they're also building with their minds and hearts, learning new skills and growing as they play. 

In stacking tall towers, kids also learn to develop their creativity. In telling stories with characters, they're exploring their imaginations. And in building make-believe worlds where they can be hero, they're also building up the confidence to be anything.

That's what "build them up" means to us, and it's a promise we plan to keep as you and and your child start each new adventure with us. Because a love of play  and learning is one of the most amazing things you can build with your child. 

Mega Bloks is exclusively distributed by Richprime Global Inc. Follow @richwellclub on Facebook or visit or to know more details! 

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5 Basics of Bento-Making I Learned From Frabelle Foods Workshop

Picky Eater

I have a 3 year old boy whose idea of the perfect meal is either a plate full of rice and scrambled eggs or rice & chicken. Making him eat veggies has always been a challenge. It's either he finds them "yucky"'or he throws a fit whenever I put a brocolli on his plate. 

I know some of you moms can relate with me. And I know, we all have tried to come up with creative ways to feed our tots! 


One of the things I'm glad about being a member of Mommy Bloggers Philippines is that I get to ask advice from other mommies like me about all things that concern parenting. One of which is getting my boy to eat more than the usual chicken or egg.

So, when I found out that there's going to be a workshop where mommies will be taught how to do bento - a creative way of designing meals for your kids - I knew it was the chance I've been waiting for. 


I've been seeing other mommies posting their bento creations on my newsfeed. Just like calligraphy, this is also part of my bucket list. I want to be able to create my own bento lunch for my 3 year old and my 9 year old niece Sofia. 

Of course, my niece who is in 4th grade has been constantly encouraging me to give bento-making a go since she has been seeing her classmates bring their own bento lunches to school. 

So yes, I signed up for Frabelle Foods Bento Workshop held in the far-off place, Navotas...Hahaha. 

Chef Donne of Frabelle Foods facilitated the event. 

Needless to say, my niece and I had a fun time learning and I want to share with you these:

5 Basic Tips In Bento-Making From Frabelle Foods:

1. Be Creative 

There are so many ways to design your bento box. You just need to use your imagination. Being creative and thinking outside of the box are the key things in being able to come up with your own unique bento creation. 

If there's a short supply of creative juices, then you can simply check inspirations online! 

An example of creativity is the Piggy In A Bun bento box we copied from Chef Donne's recipe.

2. Have Fun 

If you are the competitive or uptight type of Mom, then here's an unsolicited advice - loosen up! Always keep in mind that it's the experience and memories that you get to share with your kids that matters more. 

Much like when we were copying Chef Donne's Seascape Bento Box - I saw my niece Sofia having loads of fun while nibbling on the ingredients - it made me chillax a bit. 

3. Share It

Yes, there's nothing more enjoyable than being able to share the messy, fun and enjoyable process of bento-making with your kids, friends and family! 

I realized that when we were making the Lady Bug In Paradise Bento Box - being able to share the fun and teaching my niece the steps in making the bento is rewarding.

4. Proper Food Handling 

Yes, bento making will require you to use your hands most of the time. I have learned that you need to be careful and conscious on how you handle the ingredients because, remember: it's the health and safety of your kids that matters above all the fun and excitement. 

Always, always wash the ingredients, your hands and have proper materials ready. 

5. Use Quality Ingredients

This is the 2nd most important tip to keep in mind. Always make sure that you use ingredients that are yummy and carefully prepared! Just like Frabelle Foods line of products! 

Here's a brief background about Frabelle Foods.

Humble Beginnings

Frabelle Group of Companies was a fishing company established in 1960's. The company was named after its' owners Francisco and his wife Bella. 

Since then, Frabelle has expanded operations to shipyard, aquaculture, canning, cold storage chain, food trading, seafood processing, meat processing, properties and power.

Right now, Frabelle Market Corporation and Frabelle Corporation are both involved in distributing marine products and processed meat products sold in key wet markets and major supermarkets. 

Unforgettable Experience

Aside from being able to attend a workshop in the far-off place of Navotas...hahaha...the bento workshop was something my niece and I will never forget. Not only did we get to bond with other mommies and their kids, but we also learned the simple and easy art of bento-making.

We are most definitely looking forward to the next one! 😄

To know more about Frabelle Foods - visit their Facebook page. For the menu of the feature bento boxes - connect with me! 

Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Why Picture Company Is Our Favorite Studio To Capture Milestones

Keeping Memories Alive

I have always been a sucker for taking photographs. I've heard before that we take photos of the moments in our lives that we will always want to remember. I am so glad for camera phones because we get to capture important moments as they happen, right?

You see, there is a certain comforting feeling in knowing that you can always come back to a time or moment in your life through a photograph taken. That is why, my phone, laptop and flashdrives are full of photos of me, my son, my friends, my family and my day to day work as a public servant. I know that I can just look at them real quick when I want to remember it all.

The Picture Company

I used to think that preserving memories need not be paid with money. With all the techie gadgets nowadays, we can all do it for free. But then again, I was wrong. There are just certain things that my not-so-artistic eyes can't capture that a good photographer can. So in my search for the perfect photo studio, I chanced upon one that aims to capture memories through fun and play. So that's how I learned about THE PICTURE COMPANY.

Here's a little background about this awesome studio:

Once upon a time many, many years ago, there was a woman named Eileen who gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. He was so precious that she just HAD to have his portraits taken. She searched all over the Philippines for a studio to take the pictures, but Alas! All the studios she went to were dark and dirty. Eileen couldn’t take it. Something must be done! Thus, she created her own studio, The Picture Company. It opened its first branch in Podium 2002. People were amazed! The place was so bright and beautiful, the merchandise was so innovative and the pictures were awesome! It was truly something different. Expanding every year, The Picture Company now has six branches across Metro Manila: Podium, Alabang Town Center, Powerplant, Mall of Asia and Bonifacio High Street and Greenbelt. We opened our first international branch in Malaysia October last year. On February 2010 The Picture Company opened in Cebu and in May 2010 another store will be opened in Malaysia!

Our Christmas Family Pictorial

We first decided to avail their services when my family and I wanted to have our first ever studio-taken family picture. So, I headed to the Rockwell Power Plant branch to try their free photo session
to see if they can capture what we wanted. Here are some of our best shots!

My sisters and I with the kiddos

My parents and their grandkids!

Christmas Pose!

Needless to say, we were all satisfied by the way our photos turned out, there was a bonus too! We got to have our own calendar using our favorite shots! Here it is:

Talk about one year's worth of holiday memories!

Mother and Son Photo Sesh

I was so satisfied with the way our personal photographer Crystal captured our holiday photos that I decided to have a pictorial with my son Choi. This time, our personal photographer was Hershey who once again was able to capture the exact feel and look that I was aiming for, here they are:

I added the blog title for effect! hihi

My favorite shot of my little guy!

My little man!

Why TPC is our favorite studio

Aside from the amazing photos they were able to capture, here are 3 awesome reasons why The Picture Company is now our go-to place for preserving memories!

1. Bang for your buck

Yes, becoming a member can be a bit expensive but hey, you can't expect priceless memories with a cheap price right? I paid for 12k membership (one year) where you will be entitled to a lot of freebies and perks. The prints will be yours for only P800 pesos as a member and only P100 for reprints. You will get to have FREE photo sessions during your birthdays too!

2. Clean, highly-equipped and creative studio

One of the things that attracted me to the TPC studio is that they are complete with costumes and props that will ensure an easy, breezy photoshoot with a toddler in tow. Aside from this, their studios are cool, well-lit and clean. But hey, they don't just do studio sessions - they capture moments outdoors too!

3. Friendly people

TPC folks are so friendly and accommodating that you will easily feel comfortable posing for the lenses. If you have ideas for your theme, you can easily approach them and they will collaborate with you. 

I completely recommend that you go to any of their branches nearest to you so you can start capturing those memories you will always want to remember! Thank you THE PICTURE COMPANY - we are definitely coming back for more! 

How To Deal With Parent Judging: Happiness Is HOMEMADE!

It baffles me at times when people, especially those who do not have children of their own, find it so easy to say something towards parents based on what they see on the outside. I'm not sure if it's because of the changing times or that we have been slowly forgetting our thousand years old tradition of respect.

I get judged too

I myself have been a target of people who think it's alright to give unsolicited opinion especially about how I take care of my little boy.

When this happens, I jump on the defensive because what they say makes me feel like I am not doing a good job as a mom. I guess, it's part of our culture, not because we mean harm but because we think we are being helpful when we give tips and advices on parenting without really knowing if it's needed or not.

I just let Choi be Choi. 

Ways To Deal 

I have gotten used to the way people think they can just easily tell you what to do. I have come up with 3 effective strategies that make me survive the unwanted encounters. Lol! 

1. Smile 

Yes, it can be annoying, being told what to do or being criticized for not being the perfect parent can be hurtful but by being able to smile about it makes you the bigger person. Smile and shrug it off. They don't have to deal with your parental issues at anyway. 

2. Politely Change The Topic

I have found myself,  more than once, the target of criticism when it comes to raising Choi. I have been given unsolicited advice on what to feed him, how to take care of his skin etc...what makes me stop myself from making rude retorts is by thinking that maybe because they're older, they are licensed to pass on their ways towards us, younger moms. 

When this happens, I politely change the topic so I won't be tempted to become disrespectful. Avoid conflict at all cost. 

3. Stay Proud 

Another effective way of dealing with parent "judges" is by being proud of how your child is growing up to be. I usually tell them that my child is a happy boy because he gets to experience childhood in all of its messy glory! He gets to run around, play, eat with his hands and shout to the top of his lungs when he wants too. 

I look them in the eye and tell them - I have one happy little boy.

One proud Momma here!

Tang is here to help

I am glad that one of my favorites since childhood is here to help us parents deal
with "parental judging". 

Yes, it's true that as a family-oriented nation, Filipinos put a lot of weight on a child's upbringing at home. That is why others are so quick to judge parents for every hair that's out of place, mismatched pair of socks or for every tantrum thrown in public places. As outsiders, we witness these things & automatically associate it as bad parenting. 

As a believer of strong Filipino family ties, Tang knows that we are defined by what happens at home because #WeAreHomeMade. Further, Tang urges you to say #NoToParentJudging and challenges everyone to rise above the judgement.

Tang believes that we are defined by what happens at home. As parents, you do your best to form a home filled with love, warmth and freshness, and those will always matter more than any kind of judgement. 

To push these points and provoke audiences nationwide, the campaign launched a video that will make you rethink your thoughts and judgment against others. 

Watch this:

Have you ever judged a parent? Have you been judged as a parent? Share your stories of #WeAreHomeMade and how we can say NO to #ParentJudging.

Find out more by following TANG PHILIPPINES online, where you can also share with us your stories.

Twitter: @TangPhilippines

To end on a bright note, always remember guys that HAPPINESS IS HOMEMADE!