Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Matstone: Designed for the perfect juice and more (PR)

As we advance in age, our bodies’ defense mechanism weakens. Most cannot afford to exercise anymore or go on a diet for several reasons, which explains why we are always sickly thateven common ailments can quickly hit us.


Therefore, we feel gloomy and depressed whenever a loved one who’s in his or her twilight years suddenly becomes unwell and ailing. However, there are emerging measures to help prevent ailments from hitting you or if you do get sick, can help you recover in a fast and healthy way.


One of these is “slow juicing,” a process of extracting juices of its vital nutrients that are needed to strengthen our bodies, help improve our immunity, for the sick to recuperate quickly and overall provide for better health.


“Slow juicing” slowly and gently presses the fruit or vegetables to extract all the natural juices that are full of vitamins and minerals. And more importantly, taste is retained so what you’ll get is all-natural juice that’s great-tasting, too.


Here in the Philippines, Filipinos who are in their advancing ages will be glad to note that the Matstone Horizontal Slow Juicer is now available for them to enjoy the benefits of juicing and help protect them or recover effectively from sickness.


Matstone is the only slow juicer in the country that carries the horizontal design with its many advantages in terms of reliability and functionality. When it juices, there is an assurance of no stuck-up of fruit pulps inside the juicer. This one-of-a-kind juicer can also juice hard, leafy vegetables and guarantees no leakage whatsoever.





Aside from being a slow juicer, the Matstone Horizontal Slow Juicer can also slice vegetables for a fresh and healthy vegetable salad. It can also mince vegetables, grind coffee beans, or even make homemade pasta so you can prepare all these nutritional dishes for your Mama or Papa, Lolo or Lola. 


“We believe that Matstone Horizontal Slow Juicer is more than just a healthmate,” IAJ Wellness Corporation General Manager and Vice President Cris Llamo, said. “We also have in mind other members of the family who are in need of delicate health maintenance and also as a preventive measure to some ailments. Matstone’s multiple functionality in the kitchen also makes it a versatile kitchen assistant, processing fresh ingredients without taking much of its much needed nutrients.


Matstone is the first low-speed juicer introduced in the Philippine market that runs at an ideal speed of 80 revolutions per minute (RPM) which makes it an effective juicer for green and leafy vegetables yet retains most of the nutrients found in the food.  


So if you think you need to complement common medicines with other healthy means that help to improve your health or combat and recover from ailments, try slow juicing for a change. Who knows, going “juicing” might be the best one you can try to help you live healthier or effectively get well from an illness. Try the Matstone Horizontal Slow Juicer. It’s a decision you will never regret.


Matstone Horizontal Slow Juicer is distributed in the Philippines by IAJ Wellness Corporation. To know more about Matstone Horizontal Slow Juicer, testimonials, and healthy recipes, visit their website, and like them on


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IAJ Wellness the exclusive distributor of MATSTONE Horizontal Slow Juicer and also manages other appliance brands geared towards providing a healthy lifestyle to consumers. Visit for more information. 



Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Get Healthy and Go Places: Purchase of PhilCare prepaid cards yields GetGo Rewards points


PhilCare believes that the path to wellness goes beyond having an effective health care coverage or an immediate access to medical providers. To be truly healthy means taking the time to enjoy life’s little pleasures while ensuring that you are protected for medical emergencies at all time.

This is the vision behind PhilCare’s latest partnership with GetGo Rewards by Cebu Pacific, a lifestyle program that allows card holders to accumulate points on everyday spending and redeem these points for free flights. GetGo points can be earned from buying groceries, paying utility bills, refilling the car with gasoline, and now—even when taking care of your health.

To kick off the partnership between two brands, PhilCare and GetGo has launched “Get Healthy. Go Places” which will give as much as 750 GetGo points for every purchase of one of PhilCare’s prepaid health cards. PhilCare prepaid health cards included in the promo include ER Vantage cards, Medical and Dental cards, Health Vantage cards and Health Vantage Elite cards. PhilCare members are automatically eligible for a GetGo cards upon purchase of any of the prepaid health cards mentioned above.

“PhilCare has always advocated for a 360 degree view on health and wellness. We have addressed the need for affordable and accessible health care products by offering our prepaid cards, starting from the ER Vantage cards, with 40K, 60K and 80K maximum benefit limits which allows access to medical providers for emergency health concerns; and then we supplemented it with the introduction of the Health Vantage and Health Vantage Elite cards, which offers a more comprehensive and extensive one-year emergency health care coverage; and finally, to answer the clamor for an unlimited consultation card to complement ER Vantage, we introduced our Medical and Consultation cards for kids, adults and senior citizens early this year. The partnership with GetGo meanwhile addresses our belief for over-all wellness and health,” shared Noemi G. Azura, president and chief executive officer (CEO) for PhilCare.

By partnering with GetGo, Azura hopes that PhilCare members will be more inspired to travel discover new places and get much needed R&R.
Traveling keeps the brain and body healthier, according to a study published in MarketWatch. It’s also said to lower the risk of heart attack and death from coronary disease in certain groups, while the new and complex situations encountered while traveling can also help keep the brain sharp.
The “Get Healthy Go Places” promo is just the first in a series as part of the partnership between PhilCare and GetGo Rewards which will run until March 20, 2017.

“PhilCare is committed to continuously innovate in order to give our members a different perspective of the health care industry and to provide best-in-class customer experience. We started by offering the first NFC-enabled HMO card in the Philippines, introducing prepaid health cards, and now, we are partnering with organizations and businesses that are well-known for their wellness programs and benefits,” adds Azura.

To know more about the partnership, go to

To know more about PhilCare and its prepaid products, go to

Monday, April 25, 2016

Share The Joy With Joie Travel System For Kids : From Britain With Joy

Let's admit it fellow Moms, we are all about safety and convenience when it comes to travelling with our kids. And by travelling, I mean even the simplest trip to the store or a walk in the park. We all want what's best for our children so we research and try to find the best possible products that can come up against our highest standards, right?

There were three major things I considered way back when I scouted baby stores for Choi's stroller and car seat - durability, quality and price. You see, I didn't have enough money to dispense then so I really made sure that what I bought was within my measly budget. 

Too bad, they didn't have JOIE back then. Yes, Joie from Britain. 

Who is JOIE?
Joie™ is a UK brand formed by global group of friends and parents with one simple mission: to share joy with new parents worldwide. Its versatile collection of baby gears from strollers, to car seats to playards offer the highest standards of design, engineering and safety. Each product has a unique parent-friendly features to address the needs of every growing baby. Security, functionality and durability are its key attributes allowingmulti-stage use from infants to children. Joie™ is happy to introduce you to an extensive award-winningproduct line that makes life with children less work and more fun.

Quality, Safety and Durability Combined:

We build them…
Stronger. Every product endures thorough and extreme testing through fully customized testing regimens and everything is assembled to ensure all works perfectly before shipment.
Better. With highest quality plastics, tough and durable strength fabrics and undiluted, uncompromised materials.
Safer. Our exclusive car seat testing facility features the most accurate technology for crash test simulation and aids in manufacturing car seats with ultimate quality, precision, and structural integrity.

Travel System:

  • one hand fold
  • full recline to upright seat
  • front swivel locking breaks
  • height adjustable handle
  • all-wheel suspension


Suitable from birth with flat reclining seatPairs perfectly with Gemm car seatUltra compact gravity foldWhen folded can be transported into trolley modeExtendable canopy with visor and windowLarge easy access shopping basketLocking single front swivel wheels

Car Seat:


A brilliant companion born to grow from birth to 7 years.
Group 0+1/2 car seat
Suitable rearward facing from birth to 18kg or 4 years old
Suitable forward facing from 9kg to 25kg or 7 years old



A road trip ready nursery with portable pop-off toppers

Ultra secure frame with exposed curved tubing
Full size bassinet
Simple push button fold
Changing and rocking unit can be used on and off the cot
2 speed soothing vibration
5 classical lullabies and 5 nature sound
Nightlight with 3 brightness settings.

Innovation For Mommies

Don't you just love how each of their products boast of security features that will surely keep our babies and toddlers safe! I must say JOIE BABY is an innovation from Britain that is timely and recommended for Filipino parents and children. Did I mention, Joie Baby products are award winning too?

So for new parents-to-be and for those like me with toddlers that we want to keep safe, secure and comfy - check out JOIE BABY products now!


I had the chance to attend the most-awaited launch of the sought-after British products at SM Makati. Here are some of the highlights:

JOIE products in the flesh!

Resource person Patty Laurel sharing Mommy tips.

A little workout while towing your Joie stroller. 

Enjoyed the launch with my Choi in tow.

Meet Joie:

To spread the joy of this new brand, Europlay Distributor Co. Inc., in cooperation with Baby Company and Smart Parenting, invite everyone to an exciting celebration in ‘Meet Joie Brand Launch’ Event on April 16, 2016 at The Concourse SM Makati. The event
will officially introduce Joie™ full line of products to Philippine market through several interesting topics and hands-on activities. There will be open discussion from well-known personality, talks about safe travel guide with babies, car seat product demo, and stroller exercises, with in between games and raffle prizes to liven the guests and participants. And to make it even more exciting, a grand raffle of Joie Gemm Car Seat will be given to lucky guests with 1,000 pesos minimum purchase at the Summer Baby Sale Event from April 11-16. Guests who will pre-register until April 15 will also get the chance to win in the grand raffle. Apart from these, guests can also enjoy amazing discounts and treats from other participating brands.
Explore Joie™ at for exclusive treats and promo updates. Joie™ is exclusively distributed by Europlay Distributor Co. Inc.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

GROWEE KIDS ON BIKES PH successfully held its 3rd leg in last April 10, 2016 (PR)

The venue for the recently held leg was in Emerald Avenue, Ortigas and this is in support of the
Share the Road Carless Sunday promoted by the city of Pasig.

We are now gearing up for the much awaited Finale where the first ever “Biker Kid Of The Year”
will be hailed and awarded! 

Who:      Kids On Bikes Semi-finalists
What:     Finale of Growee Kids On Bikes Philippines 2016
Where:   University Of The Philippines Campus Grounds, Palma Hall
When:    April 24, 2016

All the semifinalists are enjoined to take note of the following reminders in preparation for the Final Race:
Check in at the registration area for all semifinalist participants will open at 4:00 in the afternoon. 
The Finals’ race proper will start at 4:30.
Don’t forget your gears.
If you don’t have a bikes, you may send an email,
Or send a message on Facebook,
Or send a text message at +639179042459

And here’s GOOD NEWS-
Due to public demand, the Regular Race for all the categories is still open for registration.
Morning Race      :               Fun Race/Bike Relay/Main Race
Registration          –              6 AM
Start of Event        –              8 AM

<iframe src="" width="560" height="315" style="border:none;overflow:hidden" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" allowTransparency="true" allowFullScreen="true"></iframe>

So do you want to be the first "Biker Kid Of The Year"? Join now! Pre-register online.
Like the page then click the sign-up button beside it.

Gear up and see you all at the race!


Your Kids On Bikes Philippines 2016                             Visit us on for more details.

Finding the right balance at home and at work with Chef Rob Pengson (PR)

Many Filipino families are still trying to catch up with today’s fast-paced lifestyle and trying to adjust with it creates an imbalance when it comes to being with the family or when working. Chef Rob Pengson, one of the country’s well-known chefs, understands this well. He tries to make good use of his time, whether at work when getting meals out quick and hot off the kitchen, or at home where he can be with his family without carrying so much work-related stress.

Chef Rob has found the right home appliance partner which can save him time, effort and money while allowing him to take care of his family’s comfort at home, in one of the world’s largest manufacturers of home appliances. Midea offers an array of products and solutions that are reinvented for a new generation and inspired by the way most people live now — products that make it easy for anyone to get the job done from the very first use.

“Confidence in the kitchen is provided by skill, experience and the tools one uses. Having the right kitchen partners mean I can be confident that the appliances work at par with my standards,” Chef Rob said when asked about his thoughts on his culinary success. At home with his wife Sunshine and sons Santiago and Sevi, Chef Rob also uses the same Midea products like the air-conditioner, refrigerator and washing machine and other small appliances to give them more time for themselves as a family.

Chef Rob also looks at the durability of the product because he needs something that lasts, and also its simplicity, functionality and ease of use so he could bond more with his wife and sons. Bonding time means watching their favorite movie or TV series, helping his eldest son, Santiago with his homework, or playing with Sevi.

When asked what his favorite Midea appliance is, Chef Rob shared that it would be the induction cooker. “It’s top-level technology which is great for cooking and very efficient because it doesn’t waste energy. Efficiency in the kitchen is very important.” He also uses it at home so he can cook meals without any added stress to give him more time and energy to be with his family. “People shouldn’t be afraid of new technology but rather embrace it,” Chef Rob adds. “It’s here to make our lives better and save resources at the same time.”

“We’ve already worked with Chef Rob in past events and felt that he understood Midea’s positioning and shares the same views, especially when it comes to the new wave of cooking,” Midea General Manager Phillip Trapaga said. “When we considered getting a brand ambassador for the full range of Midea products, Chef Rob was on the top of our list. We feel that Chef Rob and his family embody the typical young Filipino family or young upgraders, which Midea wants to reach out to in order to achieve harmony at home.”

About Midea
Midea, one of the world's largest manufacturers of appliances, covers a complete range of products from electric kettles, washing machines, microwaves to large commercial air-conditioning systems. Thriving in over 150 countries, Midea has now arrived in the Philippines!

In partnership with Concepcion Industrial Corporation (CIC), Midea's global strength in the appliance industry infused with CIC's Integrity, Excellence and Total Customer Satisfaction give the world class brand a better understanding of the Filipino's needs. This way, Midea helps their consumers bring happiness and harmony at home.