Celebrate this Coming 12.12 with a Sitewide Sale on all your Tiny Buds Essentials! Catch Discounts up to 50% off, mega flash sales, free gifts, & more!

It is the season for sharing and shopping! Nothing excites me more than knowing that there are sales on my favorite brands. As a Mom, I like being able to score great deals on brands that I trust for my kids. 

Shopee, the leading online shopping platform in the country is going to have it’s much awaited 12.12 Sale! On December 12, 2022, some of our most fave brands will be at 50% off and mega flash sales starting at midnight! 

Tiny Buds, our favorite baby care brand will be part of Shopee’s 12.12 Sale. TINY BUDS is a collection of natural baby care essentials lovingly made to nourish our baby's delicate skin. They promise that through the ups and downs of parenting, they are here always helping, supporting, and growing with you!

To help you decide and add to your carts easily, here’s a list of some of my most favorite Tiny Buds products that you can hoard on this Shopee 12.12 Sale:

1. Tiny Buds Waterfill Wet Wipes (80 Pulls)

The Waterfill Wet Wipes are formulated with drinking water and gentle ingredients to make wiping away your baby's mess simple and easy. With its alcohol free formulation, each sheet is gentle enough to be used on your baby's face, bum, and hands. A portion of proceeds from these wipes go to our Tiny Buds of Hope Project, which aims to provide sustainable water filters to Filipino families that lack access to clean water.

2. Tiny Buds Baby Wipes Bag

Keep your baby's wet wipes fresh all day long with the Tiny Buds Baby Wipes Bag. Simply transfer your wet wipes into the reusable hard cover to protect them and bring them on the go!

3. Tiny Buds Organic Baby Wipes (70 Pulls)

Gently formulated without alcohol, parabens, or chemicals, the Tiny Buds Organic Baby Wipes is safe to use on your baby's face, bum, body, and even toys and surfaces. Each sheet effectively removes bacteria without drying out your baby's skin, making it a reliable companion for both playtime and feeding time.

4. Tiny Buds In a Rash - Diaper Rash Cream

Designed with a non-sticky formula and natural active ingredients, the Tiny Buds In a Rash - Diaper Rash Cream works perfectly for babies with sensitive skin. Our cream instantly provides your little ones with relief from diaper rashes, allergies, and skin irritations, without having to worry about harsh chemicals or parabens.

5. Tiny Remedies After Bites Natural Soothing Gel 20g

The Tiny Buds After Bites Natural Soothing gel is specially formulated without harsh chemicals and steroids to provide quick relief from itchiness and insect bites. The non-greasy and non-mentholated gel is safe to use on your baby's face and body and perfect for those with sensitive skin.

6. Tiny Buds Lighten Up Lightening Scar Gel 20g

The Tiny Buds Lighten Up Lightening Scar Gel helps reduce the appearance of scars and dark marks left behind by insect bites, cuts, scratches, acne (for teenagers and adults), and even chicken pox. Carefully crafted with a blend of natural ingredients, our scar gel's gentle formulation is perfect for those with sensitive skin.

7.  Tiny Buds Baby Hand Sanitizer 60ml - Fruits

The Tiny Buds Hand Sanitizer effectively removes bacteria without drying out one's skin, while leaving a gentle sweet and fruity scent. With its special non-sticky formulation, it can even be used to clean toys and other surfaces during playtime and feeding time. Our hand sanitizer's pocket-sized packaging makes it easy to bring around while you're out and about!

8. Tiny Remedies BuuBuu Gel Skin Soothing Gel

Whether your child is learning how to roll, crawl, or walk, the Tiny Buds Remedies BuuBuu Gel Skin Soothing Gel is designed to accompany your child throughout all their milestones. Our soothing gel is specially formulated with natural ingredients, free from harsh chemicals or parabens.

9. Tiny Remedies BuuBuu Cleansing Spray Cleans and Soothes

Soothe your baby's skin with the Tiny Buds BuuBuu Cleansing Spray. Made with Witch Hazel and free from alcohol, color, dyes, and harsh chemicals, our cleansing spray is gentle enough to leave your baby's skin fresh and clean, without leaving a stinging sensation.

10. Tiny Remedies BuuBuu Cold & Hot Packs

The Tiny Buds BuuBuu Cold & Hot Packs are reusable gel packs that are used for both cold and warm therapy. Each pack is made with clear non-toxic gel with a high grade PVC that can comfortably fit toddlers and children. 

11. Tiny Buds Quick & Easy Natural Diaper Changing Spray (120ml)

Specially designed to meet the needs of moms and babies on the go, the Tiny Buds Quick & Easy Natural Diaper Changing Spray can be used while traveling or at home. Our special rinse-free formula is infused with skin-loving natural ingredients, free from alcohol, to nourish your baby's skin and prevent rashes, while also restoring PH balance in the diaper change area. It's gentle enough to clean your baby's face, hands, body, and is suitable for sensitive skin.

12.  Tiny Things Chabee the Hungry Panda Coloring & Activity Book

Keep your toddlers engaged and develop their motor skills with the Tiny Buds Chabee the Hungry Panda Coloring & Activity Book. Our activity book is jam packed with 16 pages of exciting illustrations and interesting exercises designed to entertain your children and enhance their skills.

13. Tiny Buds Sleepy Time Stick Ons

With its soothing scents of lavender and eucalyptus, the Tiny Buds Sleepy Time Stick Ons are the perfect way to help your baby fall asleep during nap time or bed-time. Simply attach the stick on to your baby's clothes, bed sheets, or swaddles, and allow the gentle scent to rock your baby to sleep.

14. Tiny Buds Gone Away Stick Ons Gentle Citronella and Lemon Scent (12 Sticker)

Perfect for moms and babies on the go, the Tiny Buds Gone Away Stick Ons are a convenient and easy way to help your babies experience the long lasting benefits of Citronella. The stick ons are formulated with all natural ingredients, making them safe to use for all ages, including infants. These stick-ons are lovingly made to leave a gentle scent that can last up to 6 Hours.

15. Tiny Buds Stuffy Nose Stick Ons

Designed to relieve colds and a stuffy nose, the Tiny Buds Nose Stick Ons are carefully crafted with a minty eucalyptus scent that can last up to 6 hours. These stick-ons are activated as soon as they are exposed to air. To effectively use them, place the stick ons on your baby's clothes or swaddles. Make sure to keep unused stickons in a reusable pouch to preserve their freshness and effectiveness.

Tiny Buds has always been one of my trusted products when it comes to baby care essentials for my 4 kids. From my eldest to the youngest, I make sure that we have these Tiny Buds products handy! 

You can easily download the Shopee on your iOs and Android devices. Click here. The Shopee 12.12 Sale starts at midnight tonight guys! 

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