Support Your Child’s Proper Growth and Mental Health Development with PROMIL! Save as much as 25% Off Promil on Shopee’s 6-6 Mid-Year Sale


Milk plays an important role in our children’s growth and development. Making sure that we provide our kids with milk that has complete vitamins and minerals is crucial during their growing up years. 

Shopee, the leading online shopping platform in the country and all-over Asia, supports the need for providing proper nutrition to our little ones. This is why on Shopee’s 6-6 Mid-Year Sale, Moms and Dads can score great deals when they buy from Wyeth Nutrition’s Official Shopee Store. 

Here are some of my most recommended Promil products that will surely help parents provide what their kids need.

BUY 3 GET 1 PROMIL GOLD FOUR Powdered Milk Drink for Over 3 Years 1.8kg and 2.4kg

A growing up formula milk scientifically designed for children aged 3+ and now specially formulated with MOS+ which helps double your child's immunity.

PROMIL FOUR Powdered Milk Drink for Over 3 Years Old 7.2kg and 9.6kg

Expertly formulated to support a young child’s brain, immunity and physical development and enriched with breakthrough, brain-boosting α lipids (Alpha-Lipids) that contain Phospholipids, including Sphingomyelin, scientifically designed to help speed up brain connections up to 100x faster through myelination.

Make sure to give your child only the best formula that can support their growth and development. Stock up on Promil products on Shopee! 

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