Let’s Clean Our Homes and Our Planet with Unilever and Shopee! Through Unilever’s “Linis Pilipinas” Campaign this June


Nowadays, it is truly important for us to learn to care for our environment. This is crucial for our generation and the future generations to come so that we can leave them a safe and protected Mother Earth. 

Unilever, the leading brand in all our homecare needs is taking the initiative for Pinoys to become more aware of caring for our environment through their campaign “Linis Pilipinas” Super Brand Day. This campaign is on the country’s leading online shopping platform Shopee

Unilever’s bestselling homecare products now come in more environment-friendly packaging so you can learn how to recycle your used plastic bottles, and support Shopee Bayanihan partners who work towards a clean future for our nation. 

The following products are now formulated with biodegradable cleaning agents and bottles made with 100% recycled plastics. 

1. Surf Cherry Blossom Laundry Powder Detergent Pouch 

2. Breeze Laundry Liquid Detergent Power Machine Pouch 

Now use up to 11% less plastic than before which is equivalent to the weight of more than 20,000 pieces of supermarker plastic bags! 

3. Domex Ultra Thick Bleach Toilet Cleaner Classic Bottle 

Each bottle is now made with 100% recycled plastic - keeping a total of 380 tons of plastic (equivalent to 9 million plastic bottle) from ending up in landfills or oceans every year.

The “Linis Pilipinas” initiative brings to life Unilever’s global Clean Future strategy, with local programs revolving around transforming Unilever’s Home Care Brands and products to become good for home, kind to the people and planet, all powered by purpose and innovation. 

Let’s all strive to achieve a clean home and clean planet with Unilever’s Linis Pilipinas Super Brand Day on Shopee and buy from their Official Shopee Store

Just download the Shopee App on your iOs or Android devices! 

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