Google data points to a Leni victory in May -- economist

An economist has predicted a victory by Vice President Leni Robredo in the presidential race, based on current Google Trends results. 

In his Philippine Star column, Andrew Masigan said that according to the latest report covering Feb. 5 to March 2, 2022, Robredo currently leads Google Trends with an aggregate score of 107 from searches using the keywords “Leni” and Robredo” and from positive engagements.

Robredo is way ahead of her rival Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr., who obtained an aggregate score of 79.

This bodes well for Robredo’s candidacy as Google Trends has been successful in predicting the election outcomes not just in the United States, but in other parts of the world such as Greece, Spain, Germany and Brazil, according to Masigan.

In 2016, Masigan said Google Trends correctly predicted the victory of President Rodrigo Duterte.

“That said, we can assume that the candidate who will become the new Philippine president is the one who generates the most Google searches and who arouses the greatest positive sentiment among the voting public today,” said Masigan.

Based on the Google Trend report, Robredo led Marcos in all regions but one – Ilocos Region, which is known as his bailiwick. Robredo even leads Marcos in areas belonging to the so-called “Solid North” – 60-40 in the Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR) and 54-46 in Cagayan Valley.

In Metro Manila, Robredo led Marcos, 59-41; 61-39 in Calabarzon; 57-43 in Central Luzon, 56-44 in Central Visayas, 68-31 in CARAGA; 69-32 in Bicol Region; and 61-39 in Western Visayas.

Robredo was also ahead in Eastern Visayas, 55-45; 56-44 in Central Visayas; 58-42 in Northern Mindanao, 53-47 in Davao Region and 59-41 in Zamboanga Peninsula.

“Taking the data of the last five weeks into consideration, Google Trends predicts a Robredo victory,” Masigan pointed out.

Earlier, data scientists Wilson Chua and Roger Do revealed that Robredo surpassed Marcos this month when it comes to Facebook engagement score, which helps measure potential for people becoming voters of a certain candidate.

Robredo rebounded from a five-point deficit in February, taking a five-point lead in March with 8 million engagements over her rival’s 7.5 million.

Robredo is running on the platform of “Oplan Angat Agad”, which is focused on employment, health and education.

The Vice Presidents wants to assure that at least one family member is receiving a monthly salary while those who lost their job will get a three-month financial assistance while looking for employment.

When it comes to health, Robredo has committed to provide each and every families with free doctor and to make health care affordable for all Filipinos.

She also aims to provide quality education to students that would help them secure their dream jobs in the future.

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