All Day Leak Protection for Your Baby? Grab Pampers Products from Shopee’s 10.10 Brands Festival!


When it comes to the perfect diaper for my kids, Pampers always come on top of my choices. Just like any other sigurista parent, I want to make sure that they are comfortable and free to move with whatever diaper they are wearing. It’s a bonus that it takes one worry off my mind when I know that they are comfy and happy. 

Pampers diapers are not bulky yet has superior leakage protection. I like how “presko” my kids feel and there are less grumpy days and more happy playdays! Just the way us parents like it. 

Here are some of my most favorite Pampers products that you can also give a go for your young ones! :

Pampers Aircon Diaper Pants XXL 

The Pampers Aircon Diaper Pants has 10 million microholes. It ensures all-around breathability all-throughout the day. It can absorb up to 4 loads of water and still maintain its shape. This is perfect for our active kids to prevent that uncomfortable feeling during the day or even at night.  

Pampers Aircon Pants Large 30’s X 2 Packs 

Pampers Premium Care Taped Newborn 70’s 

The Pampers Premium Care Tapes Newborn diapers is perfect for our newborn babies. It has magic gel channels that locks away wetness evenly for faster absorbency. It is specially designed to protect a newborn’s skin. Its’ thin yet super absorbent design ensures comfort for a good nights’ sleep. 

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