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Hello Glow Citronella 4-in-1 Body Lotion

For us ladies, proper skin care and protection is a must. The right skin care routine and using the right products can help delay skin aging and and of course, prevent various skin problems. Aside from practicing good habits in caring for our skin, it is also important to incorporate the correct products in your daily routine to guard it from a slew of skin woes. 

That being said, July is Dengue Awareness Month, and it is important for us to get ourselves and loved ones protected from these deadly mosquitos. Hello Glow, a Vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free, and SLS-free skincare products brand introduces Citronella 4-in-1 Body Lotion. These products are available on their official Shopee store. 

Citronella 4-in1 Body Lotion 

Hello Glow Citronella 4-in1 Body Lotion can moisturize the skin, reverse visible signs of aging, and provide a cooling, yet gentle effect on the skin. This is perfect for those who want to achieve soft and glowing skin while helping you fight off those annoying mosquitos. The Citronella 4-in-1 Body Lotions is a available on their official Shopee store for only P250!

Hello Glow Advanced Rejuvenating Set 

Advanced Rejuvenating Set 

Healthy skin is effortlessly achievable through the Advanced Rejuvenating Set. You can get that glowing and refreshed skin with the power of its high tech ingredients. This skin care set helps you rejuvenate without pain and without disrupting the skin's barrier. It will leave your skin visibly refined tone and texture. The Advanced Rejuvenating Set is available on Shopee for only P360!

The first skin care in the country that contains Bukachiol, effective for its anti-acne and anti-aging benefits. 

The best moisturizer for oily skin. It blends easily on the skin and smells like fresh rose flowers. It has the power of Hyaluronic Acid to make skin supple and soft. It will help your skin regain its moisture and reduce the risk of skin damage caused by UV rays. You can get the Rosewater Soothing Gel from Shopee for only P150!

Protect your skin from UV rays and other skin stressors with this tiny pack that packs a lot of punch. It's infused with Aloe Vera to soothe irritated skin and Hyaluronic Acid for a more moisturized and supple looking skin. 

Give your skin the pampering and protection it truly deserves. Prevent Dengue and skin damages by hoarding on Hello Glow's highly effective arsenal of skin care products. Visit their official Shopee store today! 

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