Time to Take Care of Yourself and Your Kids with Nutricia Philippines


In these uncertain times, it is important that we put our health and well-being at the top of our priorities list. It is true that proper nutrition holds the power in making a positive difference to our health. This is why we should choose products that aim to help us live longer, more joyful, and stronger. 

Nutricia Philippines, the pioneer in nutritional solutions to help people live healthier offers a wide selection of products that centers on providing proper nutrition for us parents and our kids too. 

For our babies, Nutricia offers Aptakid Stage 4 Formula 800g. P970.00. You can visit their official Shopee store so you can find more nutritional products at every age. 

Aptakid Stage 4 Formula is a milk product made in Europe. It contains all the nutrition a growing child needs. Stored in award-winning safebox that ensure hygiene and easy handling. 

My 3 and 4 year old girls Chaichai and Chuchai loves it taste. I noticed how they became more active after drinking their milk. I’m satisfied that it has enough Calcium to help build stronger bones as they grow. 

For pregnant women. Aptamom Cereal Bar- Raisin and Chocolate with DHA (720g). 

This prenatal cereal bar contains Vitamin D, Iron, Iodine, Folic Acid, and DHA in one bar. 1 bar is equivalent to 3 glasses of milk which a pregnant woman needs. This comes in Berry Mix flavor too. 

You can stock up on all Nutricia Philippines products that you need through their official Shopee store. You can also easily download the Shopee app on your iOs or Android devices. 

It is also important to consult your pediatrician and your doctor before trying new products for yourself and your children. 

Happy Shopee Shopping! 

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  1. This is new to me ,but taking it consideration ,and how I wish moms should aware of this product