Milk is Essential: Stock Up on Fonterra Products and Get Discounts from Shopee


Milk is the best source of calcium. The nutrient that our bones need. More than that, milk is packed with nutrition that is important for our body health. 

Aside from calcium, milk is also a good source of protein, Vitamin A, Magnesium, and thiamine. Vitamins that are crucial in preventing diseases, inflammation and oxidative stress.

My pantry is always stocked with milk. Fresh milk for my niece, low fat milk for my Mom and Dad and siblings, and of course, me. Milk is part of our daily living. Mixed with coffee or straight up, we know the importance of drinking milk everyday. 

Fonterra, the maker of Anchor Milk and Anlene, is offering the best deals on Shopee, the country’s leading e-commerce platform to give

you a chance to stock up on your favorite milk essentials. 

Anchor Full Cream Milk -

Anchor™️ UHT Milk is a creamy classic from grass-fed cows in New Zealand. Each glass is rich in calcium and protein-essential nutrients for everyone in your family. It’s main ingredients: Fresh Cow's Milk.

Anchor comes from New Zealand, where cows are grass-fed, making the milk rich in antioxidants. Anchor also has natural milk fat for that rich and creamy taste. 

Anchor Low Fat Milk -

This has got to be my personal favorite. Aside from trying to lessen my fat intake, this milk tastes creamy and delicious. This is why this is always part of my grocery list! 

Anchor™️ Low-Fat UHT Milk brings pure and natural goodness for everyone in the family. Its low-fat formula natural milk may help aid in weight loss, together with a healthy diet & exercise. It’s main ingredient: Fresh Cow's Milk.

Calcium from whole milk is better absorbed vs. calcium from other sources. Anchor comes from New Zealand, where cows are grass-fed, making the milk rich in antioxidants. Anchor has natural milk fat for that rich and creamy taste. 

Anlene Move Max

You can get this high calcium milk for adults for only P177 pesos per 6 pcs tetra pack. A good really great deal for those who want to protect their joints and muscle mass. 

Anlene vanilla-flavoured high calcium drink provides collagen to the joints, calcium to the bones and protein to the muscles. It has 2x  more calcium than any regular milk powder brand in the market.  

ANLENE MOVEMAX UHT VANILLA also has collagen for joints, and immunity-building nutrients such as Vitamins C, A, E and Zinc. .   Packed with important minerals and vitamins, it’s an ultra milk that is  healthy for adults. Anlene milk packet for adults is a ready to drink Vanilla milk which makes it perfect for people on-the-go. 

Anlene MoveMax UHT Vanilla Milk is also available as Anlene MoveMax UHT Chocolate Milk.

But of course, it is hightly important that you consult with your doctor before any intake of drinks so you can check your tolerance to lactose and other milk ingredients.

You can shop for Fonterra products from their Shopee Official Store, click this 👉🏻 Enjoy great deals from their Shopee store! 

You can also easily download the Shopee App on your IOS or Android devices! 

Stay healthy and keep safe! Happy Shopee Shopping! 

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