Siksik Sustansya: Feeding my Whales Nutritious Snacks


My girls Chaichai 4, Chuchai 3, and Chichi 1 year old. 

For us moms, nothing is more important than seeing our kids happy and healthy. This is why I always make sure that I give them nutritious things. I am glad that even at a young age, my whales are aware that proper nutrition is more vital for them than anything else.

Since my whales are young babies, I have always made sure that I only fed them with healthy food. I am aware that it is the foundation of their healthy growth. And so far, I am happy with the outcome. 

Chichi - my youngest. 

Cerelac, every mom’s (including me!) favorite snack for their babies is a product of the country’s well-known brand Nestle. Honestly, I’m a Cerelac baby too and I still snack on Wheat and Banana from time to time till now. haha. So from my eldest Choi, who is turning 8 years old this month and my other whales, are Cerelac babies too. 

From 6 months old and up, my whales are fed with Cerelac. What I like about Cerelac is that it has no articifical colors and preservatives. It is also a good source of Iron, Zinc, Vitamins A, C and B1, Omega 3 and Iodine. Most nutrients our growing babies need. 

My Chichi loves her Cerelac Snacks 

Cerelac comes in different yummy flavors for babies as young as 6 months old. Wheat Banana and Milk, Mixed Vegetable and Soya, Chicken and Vegetables, Wheat and Milk, Mixed Fruits and Soya, so many variants that us Moms can choose from to give our babies. 

There’s also Cerelac Nutripuff, made with whole wheat and fiber. A good source of Iron, Vitamin B1 and Fiber. It is designed in a star shape form so our children can easily pick it up. It also a nice alternative for snacks while they watch their favorite shows on TV. 

Shopee, the country’s leading online shopping platform will be holding Nestle Mom and Baby Fair on April 11-13, 2021. You can avail of exciting baby bundles on these dates so you can stock up on our favorite meals and snacks for our kids. You can also check out Nestle’s  official Shopee store for more deals. 

Always remember mommies, having happy and healthy kids is the ultimate parenting goal! And let Nestle’s Cerelac help you and your little ones on your nutritious journey! A Bowl of Sustansya, Sure Ka with Cerelac

You can easily download the Shopee app on your Android or IOS devices.

Enjoy Mommies! 

Rolled Into One Mom

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