PEDIGREE - Whiskas Creates a Better World for our Pet Cats. "SPREAD PAW-SITIVITY" on Shopee.


It is true, our pets are considered part of our family. Like any other well-loved member, it is just right to provide them with products that will ensure holistic nutrition for them. Pedigree, the leading brand in pet food and and other needs, spreads "paw-sitivity" towards our fur and pur-babies. 

Just as Christmas is peeking its' head around to usher in the season the of giving - Pedigree extends the spirit towards our pets too. As they make our world and our homes a better place, we can purchase treats for them on Shopee

For our pur-babies, Whiskas offers a variety of cat food and treats that will ensure proper nutrition for our pet cats. 

Whiskas Pouch Jr. Tuna

Specially formulated for kittens 2-12 months old. It is also suitable for cats who are pregnant and lactating. Enriched with calcium and phosphorous for healthy bones and overall growth. It contains natural antioxidants for health immune system. Comes in soft texture for easy consumption. 

Whiskas Pouch Tuna

Specially designed to be complete and balanced for cats 1 year old and above. Enriched with Omega 3, fats, and zinc for a healthy and shiny coat. It is complete with Vitamin A and Taurine for healthy eyesight. It is filled with proteins from real fish, including fats, vitamins, and minerals for your cats to become fit and happy. For a healthy immune system - it contains antioxidants such as Vitamin E and Selenium. 

Whiskas Jr. 1.1kg 

It is complete and balanced for your cat's needs at their life stage. Milky pockets that mean it's crunchy on the outside with a creamy, delicious texture on the center. The kibbles and pockets of Whiskas promote their oral care. It is enriched with calcium and phosphorous, including Vitamin D for healthy bone growth. Selected quality of protein that provide sufficient energy for play. 

Catsan Clumping 

Made from quality Sodium Bentonite. A hygienic, handy, and effective answer to odor control. It is ultra deodorizing and absorbs cat wastes quickly. 

Sheba Can Chicken 

The Sheba Succulent Chicken has pieces of real meat, delicate sauces and combination of real flavours. Something your feline friend will truly enjoy. 

Sheba Can Tuna and Salmon 

It has real pieces of meat and fish. It is a mix of delicate sauces and combination of real flavours.

Temptations Chicken 

This pouch contains the right portion of tasty treats for your pur-friend. Something that your feline friend will surely enjoy snacking on. 

Temptations Tuna

A tuna-flavoured cat treat that comes in the right size and portion. Made out of real and healthy ingredients that will make your feline friend enjoy taking their snacks.

Yes, we should also give our pets the love and nutrition they deserve. The happiness and loyalty they give us deserves to be reciprocated with proper nourishment and products that are made of good quality ingredients.

Just like our cat Muning who is teaching my small kids how to love and care for other selflessly, Whiskas is the perfect product to give him for him to grow up healthy and strong.

You can shop for your cats’ food and treats need on Shopee too. Christmas is almost here, why not gift your pet cats with Whiskas too? 😊

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