Goldilocks Opens New Store Concept

As the Filipino people continue to move forward amidst an ever-changing world, a new look is a great way to reinvent oneself. However, changing too drastically may lead to losing what made one unique in the first place. That is why a perfect balance between the two is necessary.

Along with this revolution of change, one of the Philippines' most beloved bakeshops, Goldilocks, aims to further serve the cravings and needs of their customers. While simultaneously improving their brand with the launch of their first casual dine-in store.

This brand-new concept, which is located at the 3rd level of SM Megabridge, SM Megamall, Mandaluyong, was conceptualized by Goldilocks as a way for customers to experience the bakeshop's delectable cakes and pastries as well as their signature Filipino dishes! The casual dine-in store also offers improved Goldilocks signature dishes and new equally exciting meals, desserts, and drinks on its menu. The new concept store also intends to highlight its comfortable atmosphere to its customers with its upgraded design and overhauled in-store services.

 "The Goldilocks Casual Dine-in store marks a significant stepping stone in the history of the company," said Genaline Austero, Goldilocks' Vice President for Marketing.

 "We take pride in our strong heritage that has enabled us to serve our loving customers for the past 54 years. The opening of this new dine-in store aims to not only give thanks to our current customers but to welcome new members into the Goldilocks family,” she added.

 The opening of this store is only the beginning, In the future, we fully intend to make these specially crafted dishes available at all our restaurants nationwide! That together, we can usher in a new era as we aim to revamp the Goldilocks name while still maintaining our family-centered values.

 Aside from the new look and improved dishes, we have also taken the necessary precautions to ensure every customer is safe from the current virus plaguing the country. "We prioritize the health and safety of every single customer that enters our restaurant,” Ms. Austero explained. "Together with Goldilocks, we can reliably adjust to the New Normal," she concluded.

 For more information on Goldilocks' new Dine-in Store Goldilocks stores, you may follow @GoldilocksPH on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, or visit the official Goldilocks website at

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