#SafeWash Against Germs : Get 30% Off on SAFEGUARD Products from October 11-13 on SHOPEE


These days, it's very important to maintain cleanliness and proper hygiene. Experts say that one of the best weapons against the COVID19 virus is to always wash your hands and wear proper PPE. So, P&G, the maker of the country's leading brand when it comes to germ protection - SAFEGUARD launched the #SAFEWASH Against Germs day on Shopee - the country's number 1 online shopping platform. 

Be protected against germs, bacteria, and viruses by purchasing SAFEGUARD's products up to 30% from their official Shopee Store

Safeguard Pure White Liquid Hand Soap (225ML) + 2Refills (420ML) - P214 (from P303)

Cream formulated hand soap that guarantees 99.9% protection against germs. Purchase the Safeguard Pure White Liquid Hand Soap 225ML and get 2 additional 420ML Refills. 

Safeguard Lemon Fresh Liquid Hand Soap (225ML) + 2 Refills (200ML) - P144 (from P203)

Help protect your family's health with frequent hand washing using Safguard's Lemon Fresh Liquid Hand Soap. 

Safeguard Pure White Foaming Hand Soap Bottle (225ML) + Refill (200ML) - P228

Remove 99.9% germs with InstaFoam and keep your hands clean all the time. 

Safeguard Lemon Fresh Foaming Hand Soap (225ML)  - P184 (from P228)

Wash with Instafoam and remove 99.9% of germs. Get the Lemon Foaming Hand Soap 225ML and get a refill of 200ML. 

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