Stay Fresh with Mentos at Best Price on Shopee

There’s no other brand that people try to help keep your breath fresh and cool than Mentos. It is fitting to say that Mentos has become a household brand for Filipinos when it comes to on-the-go fresh breath products.

As we ease our way into the new normal, there is nothing better than keeping Mentos mints handy wherever you go. And whatever challenges we may be facing today, Mentos is there to make the situation easier. 

Shopee, the country’s leading online shopping platform offers Mentos at discounted prices. The July 14, 2020 sale will give 50% on selected Mentos products. You can buy 2 Mentos Sugarfree Gums with Free Soda Kick Roll - the regular price is P86. You can buy it at a discounted price of P64. 

The Mentos Sugarfree Mints 2 Tins with Free Soda Kick Roll can be purchased from its regular price of P146 to its discounted price of P124. You can enjoy their classic products at a much less price.

You can also get 4 Mentos Soda Kick Roll at 50% off! You can also get Mentos Soda Kick Roll at 50% (single roll).

Get a fresh start and get discounts on Mentos products on July 14, 2020 at their Shopee store

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