The Best Toothpaste for Your Babies and Toddlers

One of the most important decisions to make when it comes to encouraging our children proper oral care is choosing the right toothpaste. Though many offers the same results such as stain removal, plaque elimination and stronger tooth enamel. Of course, the most valuable factor to choose is the level of flouride content.

 Colgate, the world’s leading brand in oral healthcare offers Colgate Baby and Kids Free Toothpaste and Colgate Baby Toothbrush. Colgate Free 0-2 Years old has 0% artificial flavor with natural fruit flavor that is good for baby’s growing set of teeth.

To help clean your baby’s sensitive gums and tiny, new set of pearly whites, Colgate Baby Toothbrush is BPA-Free, 100% food grade silicone (meaning, it’s safe for your baby to use) that also acts as a teether!

Colgate Free 0-2 Years old is an anti-cavity baby toothpaste. It gently cleans and ensures protection of gums of our baby’s tiny mouths. A great start in helping build strong gums and teeth of our little ones.

Colgate Free 3-5 years old has an appropriate amount of flouride for your toddler’s age. It has 0% artificial flavours, preservatives, sweeteners, and colors. It’s natural fruit flavor is a great alternative to mint toothpaste that will surely encourage your kids to enjoy brushing their teeth

Let me share with you some tips that help in teaching your kids to brush their teeth regularly:

1. Show a good example - kids emulate what they see all the time, so when they see that your brush your teeth first thing in the morning, after every meal, and before bed time, they will surely follow your example.

2. Invest in good quality toothbrush - do not mind the price, always consider the quality of the product that you will buy. I make sure that we only use Colgate-made toothbrush. Nor only does it last a reasonable time but we are also sure that it is also made by the best.

3. Music will help you even have more fun - my kids are 7, 3, 2 and 7 months old. To make sure that they enjoy “brush your teeth time”, I usually bring along a speaker and play their favorite song so we dance while cleaning our teeth.

4. Show them the importance of having healthy teeth - Watch videos that show them how having healthy teeth will benefit them in life.

5. Choose Colgate - and you will never go wrong. Their products have easy squeeze tubes, tastes and smells delicious that will make your kids eager to brush their teeth.

Shopee, the leading online shopping platform in the country offers Colage Free 0-2, Colgate Free 0-5 and Colgate Baby Toothbrush. You can buy these for your kids here

Remember, visiting the dentist is one of the most significant steps you can take to ensure optimum oral health for your kids. But the next best thing? Use COLGATE

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