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We all know the importance of providing our babies with the “golden liquid”. As we fight through a battle with an unseen foe, where it is important to keep our children in the best of health - breastfeeding is still the best for our babies.

It has been proven that breast milk is the best source of more than 1,000 proteins that help babies grow and develop, activate their immune system and develop and protect neurons in their brains. Breast milk also contains vitamins and minerals that support healthy growth and organ function as well as help build your baby’s teeth and bones. Of course, there is also the economic factor that gives mom a whole lot of savings because breast milk is free.

Though breast milk is free, breastfeeding Moms still need help to boost and establish a strong and healthy supply of breast milk. Nestle Philippines - the country’s leading nutrition, health and wellness company offers a locally-made lactation milk drink - MOMMALOVE. 

Mommalove is a lactation milk drink that contains wheat flakes and malunggay. It contains 1,200 mg of Malunggay, wheat flakes for fiber, plus nutrients such as iron, folate, and calcium. These are vitamins and minerals that help ensure that mothers still get their most needed nutrients as they take care of their little ones. Malunggay is said to be a galactagogue which may help in lactation. It is known to help increase milk production.

Mommalove can be taken 2x a day as snack during morning and evening. It is made for adult breastfeeding mothers based on their RENI (Recommended Energy and Nutrient Intake). Not meant as a meal or milk replacement - Mommalove is only an additional nutrition supplement to help boost milk supply.

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“Habang Alaga mo si Baby, Alaga ka ng Mommalove” ❤️ Happy Shopee Shopping!  😊

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