“Thank You Mom” - Goldilocks Celebrates Mother’s Day this Whole Month of May

For many people, mothers play a huge role in our formation as adults. They are there to catch us when we fall, teach us how to stand up again, and how to deal with the things that life throws our way. In fact, some of the values that our mothers teach us, such as how to nurture, and the importance of healing and good health, have inspired people to go on and become medical practitioners.

Dr. Aljohn Gonzales is one such person whose mother has vastly and greatly influenced the way he goes about life. “She reminds us to always update our whereabouts and go home early, since she couldn’t sleep until she knows we are safe” Gonzales enthused.

Gonzales is an attending physician for Covid-19 patients  in UP-PGH, and is literally on the frontlines of our nation's efforts to win against this disease. Even though his days are hard and full of moments that take a toll on all our senses and sensibilities as people, he nevertheless has the time to remember that he wouldn’t be where he saving lives today without the influence of his mother. “I remember my mom tearing up during my graduation ceremony last year,” the doctor recalled. “I am so happy and I hope I can make her proud”. 

Like so many of the medical practitioners and healthcare providers around the country, and the world, Gonzales will not be able to spend Mother's Day with his mother this year. In fact, he is not even able to see her after a long shift. ““I currently live in a housing so that I could not infect them should I get sick. It's very far from our usual set-up since I was always with them ever since, but we have to sacrifice for a while in this time of crisis.”

Goldilocks honors the sacrifice of these brave frontliners and hopes to help them
celebrate Mother’s Day amidst the challenges they face every day. Goldilocks surprised Gonzales’ mother with a cake to celebrate Mother’s Day in advance. “My mom loves sweets! Buti na lang hindi siya diabetic. Haha! She would always buy ice cream or cake and we would watch movies after meals while having dessert with the whole family. Thank you Goldilocks, for helping me make Mothers Day special for my mom!”

Goldilocks is celebrating mothers for the whole month of May because our moms
definitely deserve more than just a day of celebration for their love and care. With the
desire to celebrate hardworking frontliners like Dr. Gonzales and his family, Goldilocks will be sending cakes to deserving families throughout the month.

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