Summer Wardrobe Essentials from UNIQLO 2020 Spring/Summer Collection

Summer is almost here and for every fashionista, a wardrobe update is a must. UNIQLO, the leading Japanese apparel manufacturer globally recently opened their doors for an exclusive look at their UNIQLO 2020 Spring/Summer Collection. 

LifeWear 2020 Spring/Summer

Strong sunlight in spring and summer heightens the need to safeguard against exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation that causes skin spots and wrinkles. UNIQLO believes that it is essential for children as well as adults to be protected during this season.

This season, UNIQLO is shining new light on LifeWear with Outdoors, Work & Craft, and Art & Design categories that embodies its enduring commitment to keeping people comfortable and making life better. 

UNIQLO’s designs for 2020 Spring/Summer celebrate the convenience and functionality of cityscapes and natural environs to materialize better living. 

BLOCKTECH Parkas protect from the wind and rain while at the beach or while strolling along the waterfront. Dry sweatpants guarantee ease of movement and quick-drying performance, which makes them perfect for everyday and sports use. 

Pocketable UV Cut Parkas are incredibly light and compact, making them ideal to keep in your backpack in case the weather turns while cycling to work. Light padded parkas warm you after watersports. Their modern silhouette makes them a perfect match for thick clothes so they work well as everyday wear. 

While Long Parkas have shiny parachute fabric that will invoke reflections of calm waters and skyscraper windows. 

For Work and Craft, the Jogger Cargo Pants look great at the office , and with its relaxed styling, you can easily transition to after work activities without needing to change. Casually styled Linen Cotton Jackets go well with Polo Shirts in bright hues of fresh produce harvested from rooftops. While the Denim Jackets and Jeans are in their authentic and sophisticated cuts. 

Art and Design inspire creativity with functional beauty. Infused with new ideas in minimalism, long and lean silhouettes, and a mineral color-inspired palette, people will be able to always look their best and enjoy better, more comfortable living. 

Trench Coats are wardrobe essentials for some so they have added tailoring touches and volume to enhance styling, with contemporary monotone hues. Kando Jackets are perfect for spring in their light colors and blazer styling, with light fabric offering exceptional stretch for easy movement. 

Sporty Poli Shirts incorporate AIRism comfort features that make them perfect for summer layered looks. Slim-fit Tailored Jackets employ a linen-like fabric to keep wearers looking and feeling elegantly cool.


UNIQLO partnered with New York-based fashion designer Hana Tajima which is now on its sixth year this 2020. Their universal design draws inspiration from nature with a unique discriminating sense incoporated in fine details and focused on comfort and warmly support the everyday lifestyles of all women. 

The aim of HANA TAJIMA FOR UNIQLO is to abandon the conventional thinking of adapting  bodies to fit clothes. The collection adapts flexibly to such body diversity, and gently supports the wearer. Instead of forcing bodies to fit into conventional sizes, these clothes flexibly change to match individual forms. The strength to wear frees women from stress and worry over clothing, an extremely simple but liberating idea for women. 

HANA TAJIMA encourages people to remember the excitement of discovering the joy of trying on clothes. The 20SS collection is built to invoke memories of our childhood. An oversized trench coat cinched with a belt creates a graceful drape, while bottoms with a loose-fitting silhouette sway with movement, drawing elegant lines. The color pallette is centered on light yellow, comprises many calm hues taken from plant life. The collection offers an affable image of women as strong, beautiful, and full of life. 


UNIQLO jeans have become wardrobe basics for every fasyon (fashionable) Pinoy. Their modern silhouettes and easy to coordinate style leaves the wearer always looking good. More than style, their jeans boast of incredible comfort, with their stretch fabrics and relaxed fits. Also, their diverse sizes cater to almost anyone. UNIQLO jeans is the perfect balance of style, comfort, and affordability. 

The Jeans Innovation Center in Los Angeles has focused since its creation in 2016 on the three Fs: fit, fabric, and finish, in the drive to enhance quality and value. 

The center works closely and creates denims with Japan’s Kaihara company and other leading fabric manufacturers from around the world in an ongoing quest for comfort. They use advanced techniques to automate wash and dry processes to enhance production efficiency. 

UNIQLO adds sustainable value to jeans creation by revamping production processes to slash water consumption in the washing process by up to 99% (for men’s regular fit jeans compared with the same product a year earlier) without sacrificing quality. 

New jeans for 2020 Spring/Summer have improved leg lines, relaxed silhouettes that enhance the overall look of the jeans. The Belted Pleated Jeans have waist belts for an in-trend look. The high waist position accentuates leg lengths for sharper styling. People can also wear the jeans belt-free if they prefer. 

Slouch Tapered Ankle Jeans is a 100% cotton made jeans that incorporate elasticity to deliver clean lines through a silhouette that tapers from a loose waist. Made in wide range of colors, the jeans look great on various figures too. 

The High-Rise Super Wide Jeans employ lightweight denim to keep wearers cool even in summer. The straight waist positioning accentuates leg lengths. 

The Miracle Air 3D Jeans feature a three-dimensional cut that does not impede leg movements, and a stretch material that is 20% lighter than the regular fit tapered jeans to maximize comfort at all times, including for the most active people among us. 

AIRism Innerwear 

The AIRism Innerwear line for 2020 gets an update too. The flagship innerwear line of UNIQLO has major evolution to enhance provision of comfort to improve lives of wearers specially during the hot season. 

The new products include AIRism Micromesh, AIRism Cotton, and AIRism Cotton Blend. AIRism Micromesh employs a special mesh with an improved weave that provides exceptional breathability, and wicks away sweat to reduce stuffiness. The cool-touch sensation has been improved 25%, stretchiness by 40% which makes it so lightweight as to be almost unnoticeable. 

AIRism Cotton has a single layer that can be worn as a T-shirt. It has dual layer material with cotton on the outside and AIRism on the inside providing a smooth and comfortable feel. It retains the same functionality of AIRism, and can also be worn easily as a t-shirt. 

For women, AIRism UV Cut series is updated for greater comfort. Since its launch in 2019, the AIRism UV Cut has been popular as a way to block UV rays easily just by wearing it. With an upgraded neckline, the AIRism UV Cut U Neck T (7/8 sleeve) features a seamless bonding finish, providing greater comfort against the skin. Also included are AIRism UV Cut High Neck T (Sleeveless) and AIRism UV Cut Leggings (Long) that expand the line of comfortable clothing. 

For Kids, AIRism Cotton Blend expands its lineup too. The blended weave of AIRism and cotton retains the smoothness and functionality of AIRism, while delivering the natural texture and gentle feel possible with cotton. This series supports the lifestyle of active children with lightweight comfort. 


Once again, UNIQLO creates a spring/summer collection with leading London-based fashion brand JW ANDERSON. 

The theme is “British Country Style”, the collection from designer Jonathan Anderson is the first to include items for children. The new line brings together the functionality and details of LifeWear with a playful take on traditional patterns as gingham check and patchwork. 

The original collaboration line launched in 2017 Fall/Winter, was developed on the theme of “British Heritage Meets LifeWear - British Classics. Designed for life today.” The offering combines the innovative designs that JW Anderson brings to Britain’s traditional apparel with UNIQLO’s commitment to fit, materials, and functionality. 


As women continue to seek comfortable clothing that helps them to maintain the confidence they need to succeed in their personal and professional lives, UNIQLO designed their innerwear to look and feel great in recognition of women’s body dimension according to physical condition.

Their Wireless bras with new cup designs dramatically enchance comfort. These wireless models offer comfortable support. 

The Beauty Light Wireless Bra has 3 key improvements for 2020 Spring/Summer. Special form that enable fit adjustments according to bust volumes through special perforations. The lower cups incorporate plastic parts that provide thin and light cushioning, maintaining comfort and enhancing the bustline. Third, the bras have 7 sizes, newly offering AA65/70 from this season in response to demands. The reduced number of sizes makes it easier to choose a bra that provides the right fit, with cups adjusting to maintain comfort at all times. 

Unlocking the Power of Clothing 

UNIQLO’s timeless design is expressed in all their high-quality, functional, durable clothings that outlasts transitory fashion trends. Their philosophy has always been to create wonderful clothing that the customers will love and keep. 

People. Planet. Community. UNIQLO is committed in creating empowered workplaces throughout its value chain by respecting human rights and securing workplace health and safety to enable all workers to achieve personal growth. They are committed to reducing their environmental impact to achieve sustainable business while offering innovative products customers can use with confidence. 

By the end of 2020, UNIQLO aims to be able to reduce single-use plastic by 85%. Alarmed by the adverse impact of plastic worldwide, they want to ensure that they are doing their part. By March, UNIQLO will be launching their eco-friendly bags. 

UNIQLO is committed to providing happiness through clothing and enhancing people’s lives to achieve more harmonious, enriched society. Their efforts are shown through their ALL PRODUCT RECYCLING INITIATIVE where they collect clothing customers no longer wear and donate it to United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and other NGO partners to distribute wearable items to refugees, disaster victims, others in need worldwide. 

UPCYCLING. Uniqlo empowers refugees to take control of their own future. In 2018, they established Self-Reliance and Livelihood Project in 5 countries in Asia (India, Iran, Malaysia, Nepal, and Pakistan) with the UNHCR. This initiative helps refugees gain economic independence through vocational training to encourage entrepreneurship, and working from home. 

UNIQLO SCHOOL. As part of their efforts to enrich lives of Filipinos, UNIQLO has partnered with the AGAPP (Aklat, Gabay, Aruga, Tungo sa Pag-Angat at Pag-Asa) Foundation to launch the country’s first UNIQLO classroom in Legazpi, Albay. This sustainability initiative aimed at helping local communities that are in need. 

This SPRING/SUMMER, UNIQLO utilizes the latest materials and advanced technologies to explore clothing styles not found anywhere else, pursuing the essence of UNIQLO LifeWear. 

For more details on their 2020 Spring/Summer Collection you may visit their website - UNIQLO and FAST RETAILING.. 

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