Snack Engineers for a Day! - Choichoi and Sofia’s Jack n’ Jill Snack Factory Adventure

Have you ever wondered how your favorite snacks are made? Like how do they get their perfect texture, taste, and shape? 

Well, the curiousity of my son and niece finally came to realization when they were given a chance to be snack engineers for a day. 

I am talking about the newly-improved Jack n’ Jill snack factory at Kidzania Manila where kids get an enhanced first-hand learning experience on how their favorite snacks are made. 

Choi and Sofia learned how to prepare some Jack n’ Jill snacks. An adventure where they experienced the snack-making process. From shaping, cooking, and packaging them.

As “snack engineers”, they had first hand experience of making their favorite snacks from the sanitation chamber which ensures a clean factory environment, to the actual snack making process, the beginning of which turns raw ingredients such as potato and corn into powder form.

The kids then pour the powder into the mixing chamber along with water to create fresh dough. Afterwards, they flatten it with rolling pins and use special cutters to shape the snacks. Once done, they then place the snacks shapes inside the drying and cooking chamber, watch them get crisped and fried, then take charge of seasoning and flavoring them before they are finally packed. 

I am glad Choi and Sofia experienced this because the power of play surfaces as the kids developed keener sense of coordination and following directions to produce good results. Fun was also integrated in the process. An experience these two goofs continue to talk about as we we went home! 

This is something that you and kids will always remember as this is a perfect bonding activity for you and your children. 

Kidzania Manila operates under ABS-CBN Themed Experiences Inc., a subsidiary of the country’s leading media and entertainment company that seeks to bring unique Kapamilya experiences in engaging and interactive themed attractions. 

Life’s truly fun at the Jack n’ Jill Snack Factory in Kidzania Manila! For updates, visit or follow the Play City’s social media accounts - Facebook and Instagram - @kidzaniamanila

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  1. nice experience eto for kids �� Sana makabalik soon andami na atang bago. Kulang din kasi one day sa loob.