How to Stay Stylish from Work to After Hours Wearing Your Uniqlo EZY Ankle Pants and Jeans

Comfort and style. These are the key elements that we always look for when we choose our outfits each day. Since we do not have enough time to switch from outfit to outfit in a day, we must make sure that we can play with what we have and still end up looking chic.

Uniqlo, the leading Japanese clothing retailer offers just that. Stylishly comfortable clothing that’s  not only eyecandy but wearable whatever the day is. UNIQLO updates its EZY Ankle Pants lineup that features comfortable, elastic fabric in sleek style and colors that can be worn with ease on any occasion. While their jeans lineup recognized by the brand as a closet essential features Kaihara Denim, Japan’s top denim manufacturer. 

This is exactly what stylists Pam QuiƱones and Bea Constatino shared during the Uniqlo Style Talks held at Greenbelt 5 last February _, both on the go, making even the weekends feel like weekdays, these women have styling tips for guys and gals who live a busy lifestyle. 

So from a busy day at work, running errands, a day out with your family, to a night out in Poblacion, these girls have the perfect styling ideas for you. 

For Work Wear:

To elevate your style at work, pair your UNIQLO EZY Ankle Pants (2Way Stretch) with UNIQLO’s EFC Oversized LS Shirt and layer it with a UNIQLO Relaxed or Jersey jacket. This easy-care pants is made out of wool-like material and improved with two-way stitch for a more comfortable fit and trendy modern look. 

As styled by Pam QuiƱones and Bea Constantino - you can never go wrong with pastels! ❤️

Style idea from Pam and Bea - layer your outfit with a UNIQLO Jersey Coat for a more professional vibe. 

For Casual Days:

For a more flattering look, the UNIQLO EZY Flared Ankle Pants (2Way Stretch) features a flated silhouette. Can be matched effortlessly with Uniqlo Rayon Long Sleeves Blouse and U Crew Neck Shirt for the casual weekends. The UNIQLO EZY Flared Ankle Pants is wrinkle-resistant for easy care, even after washing. 

For After Hours:

UNIQLO EZY Ankle Pants (2Way Stretch) for Men

Wear EZY Ankle Pants (2Way Stretch) with packaged Dry Color Crew Neck Shirt, Linen Blended V Neck Cardigan, and Supima Cotton Crew Neck LS Sweater for a cool relaxed fit, in style and comfort for anytime of the day.

Wear your EZY Ankle Pants (2Way Stretch even after office hours 

For a night-out with friends or dinner with family, lose the coat and switch those heels with sneakers and you’re good to go. 

The latest lineup of UNIQLO EZY Ankle Pants is available in all UNIQLO stores nationwide at PHP 1490. 

Jeans Lineup:

UNIQLO recognizes jeans as a closet essential and goes beyond the cut, style, and color. Because of this, the complete jeans lineup provides a variety of styling options for both men and women. True to their commitment to create Lifewear pieces that is made for all - UNIQLO’s 20SS jeans collection feature Kaihara Denim, Japan’s top denim manufacturer. This ensures high quality denim pieces and offers the most comfy fit to achieve effortlessly trendy looks while staying comfortable all day long.

Pam and Bea adds an extra umph to your outfit when wearing your UNIQLO  jeans

The Women’s Belted Pleated Jeans is made with 100% soft denim, it features on-trend bag design that can be worn in various ways. You get to wear a new style and this modified cut is looser around the hips and loosely tapered towards the hem.

Women’s Belted Pleated Jeans 

Innovation and New Style. UNIQLO wants to create clothes that life better. Because of this UNIQLO jeans are developed at the Jeans Innovation Center (JIC), a dedicated denim research and development facility in Los Angeles, USA. Each pair of jeans is produced in collaboration with world-renowned textile manufacturers and designed using cutting-edge technology to ensure quality fashionable items. They have also started to use less water in the denim processing method by 99% on selected items.

The Men’s Miracle Air 3D Jeans is made with unbelievably light and flexible  Miracle Air fabric in partnership with Kaihara Denim and Toray. This new silhouette has a shape-hugging-three dimentional fit that’s easy to move in.
UNIQLO Customers can now add more convenience to their shopping experience too! You can simply download the UNIQLO app. The app’s store locator can help you find the branch that carries your fave pieces from the collection. New members can also enjoy a P300 coupon as a welcome gift. 

The audience at the style talk didn’t need further convincing as Pam and Bea presented the audience with style inspirations that will truly make you want to buy and wear UNIQLO EZY Ankle Pants and  UNIQLO Jeans. 

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About UNIQLO Lifewear:. 

Apparel that comes from the Japanese values of simplicity, quality, and longevity. Designed to be of the time and for the time. LifeWear is made with such modern elegance that it becomes the building blocks of each individual’s style. A perfect shirt that is always being made more perfect. The simplest design hiding the most thoughtful and modern details. The best in fit and fabric made to be affordable and accessible to all. LifeWear is clothing that is constantly being innovated, bringing more warmth, more lightness, better design, and better comfort to people’s lives. 

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