Why Do I Put Child Leash on my Toddlers?

And they wonder why I put them on a leash? 🤣🤣🤣

If you’re a Mom of toddlers or ever been a Mom of rambunctious kids, you will probably know what message I’m trying to send across. Runaway kids is a definition that definitely doesn’t mean kids who runaway from home. For those who haven’t been updated, I already have four kids. A 6-year old boy, a three and two year old girls and a 1 month old baby girl. So this Momma has to take all the precautions when it comes to making sure that my kids are safe and taken care off well.

I’m not sure how you fellow moms feel about putting your toddlers on a leash to make sure they don’t get lost in the park or the mall because this age group just want to break free all the time and they have pent up energy that I will never ever be able to fathom. I for one feel the need to nap after each chore. Momma woes. 😅

So lately, I’ve been getting flak for using leash on my 2 and 3 year old girls. We were at the mall the other day and this guy felt the need to crack a not so funny joke by telling me “oh wow, your kids are like dogs!”. Pause Momma, count to ten before you snap back with a not so nice repartee’ I told myself. Anyway, he wasn’t the only one who couldn’t keep his opinions to himself. Another couple unequivocally told me “Oh, we feel sorry for the kids, they can’t even run free!” Imagine the level
of patience I had to muster so I won’t snap back at them!

My girls. ❤️

You see guys, the reason I’ve been using leash on my kids is because my son Choi when he was around 2 or 3 years old ran away from my grasp at the mall. The mall then was packed with people and if I didn’t run after him fast enough, I may have lost my little boy. The trauma and the many unimaginable scenarios that flashed through my paranoid Mama head was too hard to bear.

The problem didn’t end there, now my daughter Chai who is already at her most active at 3 years old also have a tendency of running off by herself. My fear is that I won’t be strong or fast enough to reach her and no mother ever wants to lose her child. Thankfully, another mommy friend of mine, May Palacpac was generous enough to give me her son’s preloved leash and I was able to find another online for my other daughter Chuchai.

I have been told that putting my kids on a leash hinders their ability to explore and discover things around them. Toddlers have too much pent up energy and they need an outlet to spend it on so that they will not turn out anxious or curious about a lot of things. But then again, my primary reason for using leash on them is for their own safety.

Each of our kids is irreplaceable. My fear that some bad guy might snatch them away from me or that they might hurt themselves when they run off are my biggest motivators in keeping them on a leash. I allow them free time to play and discover at home or at the park so I guess it doesn’t hinder their growth because of their leash.

Chaichai and Chuchai 

There are a lot bad things happening to children these days. I know there are things that are out of our control but there also things that we can. The safety of our children is one of them. I cannot just sit back and entrust their safety to my family or to their nannies. I am their Mom and part of my everyday goals is to keep them away from harm as much as my mommy power can.

I can easily hold their hands or shout at them to be careful but nothing beats an added measure to keep them out of harm’s way. All I can do is ignore the naysayers and just do what I gotta do to take care of my whales. After all, they’re not other people’s kids. They are mine and we all deal with motherhood differently.

Choichoi 6, Chaichai 3, and Chuchai 2

How about you moms? How do you feel about using leash on your children when outside of home? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. It is really hard to go malling with small kids around. If you cannot avoid going to crowded places by all means do the right thing for your kids safety but make sure that the kids understand the reasons why they are on leash. If they are comfortable with it then by all means leash them. After all their safety is your priority as a parent.