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A few months back, I introduced a new line of perfume that really caught my fancy. A variety of perfumes that replicates your favorite desserts. (A New Line of Sweet Scents from the UK). Back then , Perfume Dessert only had 6 amazingly lovable scents to offer. Now, they have added five more sweet scents for us to love. 

Perfume Dessert's 5 New Scents 
Peach Bourbon Popsicles - like it's name, this scent has a hint of peach and bourbon rolled into one, Nothing too overwhelming to the senses. This scent reminds me of quiet walks in the park or an imagination of leaves falling during autumn. 

Black Raspberry Vanilla Ice Cream - a whiff of this scent will surely make you smile. It won't make you feel lightheaded and is something that you would want to wear on a casual date with your special someone of lunch out with your friends.

Raspberry Smoothie - they say raspberries smell like rum but this particular scent gives raspberries a feminine and gentle smell that won't make you feel drunk at all. I would recommend it for Sunday church or family get-togethers because the scent makes you think of home. 

Pina Colada - I gotta be honest, this is my favorite scent among the bunch. This is the one I'm currently wearing anywhere and everywhere. The smell lasts for hours and very versatile. I can wear it my meetings, go to mall with my kids, name it. 

Cotton Candy Unicorn - this flavor comes off a bit stronger than the rest. Well, for me it does. It reminds me of lazy sunday mornings or doing the laundry while you blast your favorite song in the background. 

Perfume Dessert is a line of Eau de Parfum fragrances from London at a very affordable price. Their 20-30% oil concentration gives off a 4-8 hours staying power that would need little retouch depending on where you will go. 

Elegantly wrapped and contained in 30ml crimpled bottles, these perfumes guarantee no leakage or won't diffuse. What's better it can easily be stashed into your small handbag so you can smell sweet and fresh any time of the day. 

Since Christmas is just around the corner too, you can give these perfumes as Christmas gifts or giveaways for any occasion. The packaging won't be needing additional wrapping so it will save you money for gift wrappers and Mother Earth too! 

Perfume Dessert's First 6 Scents 

And you wanna know what's the best thing about PD? You can own these lovable scents for a whooping price of P280.00 Philippine Peso per bottle. See? A bang for your buck!

Perfume Dessert serves as a natural aphrodisiac  because of its gourmand notes, and it contains pheromones, which contains aphrodisiac properties. And don't we all want to be naturally attractive and pleasing to smell to the people we meet each day?

There are authorized distributors of Perfume Dessert, follow and like their Facebook page to get more information. You can follow them on Instagram too. 

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