Filipinos and Their Love Affair With Dark Chocolates Goya brings world-class taste close to home with their dark chocolates.

The most beautiful woman in the universe prefers dark chocolate. This is probably why she keeps her slim figure.

Who doesn’t love chocolates? Us Filipinos are known for our sweet tooth and our general love for things sweet. And when one thinks of obsession for this flavor, there is one word that always immediately pops to mind: chocolates.

Chocolates have been making the world happy since 350 B.C. The discovery of cacao was so revolutionary back then that it was even used as a form of currency. Since then, chocolates havebeen enjoyed by different cultures in a variety of forms and flavors.

Filipinos’ love for the sweet may very well be connected to our history. Our region was where the sugarcane originated, which explains why we love to put sugar on everything.

But while we love our local flavors, there is no denying that we also appreciate international quality when it comes to sweets. And this is what Goya Dark Chocolates has done—it has captured hearts of both young and old because of its unique bittersweet chocolate taste that can give other imported chocolates a run for their money.

Goya Dark Chocolates has gained a strong following in the country by taking the taste of home into a world-class level. Proof of this: It ranks first in consumption and sales volume in the Philippines! But what is it about the brand that makes it so well-loved by us? In a market saturated by other labels, a good portion of which are foreign brands, how does Goya Dark Chocolates remain close to Filipinos’ hearts?

There is something rich and alluring about the flavor of the brand’s dark chocolates that attracts all kinds of palates. The secret may very well lie on its distinct rich flavor that makes you feel like you’re taking a bite off an imported bar of chocolate. Goya uses high-quality ingredients and technology to produce their dark chocolates to make sure that they are at par with international brands. At the same time, it also makes sure not to lose the flavors that appeal to us. Even world-class beauty queen Pia Wurtzbach considers the brand’s dark chocolate as a personal favorite, and the woman has gone to places.

Goya is a household brand that has brought high-quality chocolates closer to Filipinos minus the hefty price tag. A bite or two of their rich dark chocolate is as good as getting a taste of international flavors. So the next time you want an instant treat for your taste buds, drop by the nearest store near you and grab a bar (or two!) of Goya chocolates. No need to book that pricey international flight ticket just to get a taste of world-class.


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