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We all want what's best for our babies. As a Mom who has just recently re-joined the corporate world, I make sure that they are kept well-groomed all throughout the day since I have to stay in the office from 8-5. So nowadays, I make sure that the products used on their skin will ensure that they smell fresh and clean all day, especially now that I have two toddlers who can't seem to stay in one place all the time.

Now Cetaphil Baby line of products makes mommyhood and baby-grooming so easy for me. Aside from that always "fresh from the bath" smell, their skin looks and feels moisturized all the time.

Dr. Leelin Sarrosa MD

I was recently invited to witness Day 5 of  Experience 7 Days of Cetaphil. The event was entitled MOM 101 where moms were taught about the proper way of caring for our babies sensitive skin. Cetaphil brand which has been around for long could be one of the most baby-sensitive skin friendly products ever.

Here are some of my takeaways from the talk:

1. There are baby products that are already mild and with the required pH balance that you don't need to mix it with water anymore.

2. Babies are prone to dry skin too if you don't care for them properly.

3. Liquid cleansers and superfatted soaps are less irritating .

4. Avoid immersion of newborns - 5 minutes maximum.

5 . Use products that have minimal dyes and perfumes.

Me and Chuchai with Ms. Kaye Abad - Cetaphil mombassador

Experience 7 Days of Cetaphil is a series of talks for women and moms that aim to spread awareness on proper skin care.

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There are days when I couldn't afford to buy the higher priced range of baby skincare products. I'll admit that there are other brands that I use on my babies whenever the budget is tight. But when there's money to spare, I make sure that I include Cetaphil Baby in their everyday skin care routine.

Cetaphil line of products are available in leading department stores and drugstores nationwide. For more on Experience 7 Days of Cetaphil, visit their Facebook page and discover more about Cetaphil.

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