The Modern Rules of Women Empowerment : Overcoming Society's Beauty Standards

L-R: Real Asian Beauty (Kristine Roces), Ms. World 2013 Megan Young, Helen on Flee (Helen Payawal),
Martha Jante, Palmolive Brand Ambassador KC Concepcion and Ms. Jane Lim, Director of Shopee Philippines

Who Dictates What

Nowadays it seems that we live in a world where society dictates what fits you or what you should do. Our beauty standards, the way we look at other people, our judgments seem to be passed on so easily and us, personally become easily swayed or influenced by it.

In this cycle, (a vicious one at that!) women seem to be the primary target. When you look around, some women are drowning, neck-deep in self-doubt and insecurity trying to keep up with the ever changing moods of the society. Too skinny, too chunky, too shy, too outspoken and all other adjectives people like to throw in when they can't figure out if a certain person fits their ideals.

What we fail to realize is that as women, as a tribe, we need to help one another and empower ourselves collectively in order to overcome the standards society has decided to prop up against us. Be it on motherhood, our career choices, the relationship choices we make, even beauty. Really, who's to say whether a woman is unattractive or unacceptable?

Women Speak Up 

At a recent event I was invited to, the Shopee Philippines Beauty Fair held at Okada, Manila, I was not surprised to see women speakers who shared their stories of failure and success as they went through the path towards where they are now.

The event had a three part talk show sessions where five women shared personal stories on various topics , including how the media has influenced the standards of beauty. First to take the stage was top Maybelline Philippines beauty influencers, Martha Jante, Real Asian Beauty (Kristine Roces) and Helen on Fleek (Helen Payawal). They shared their journey of transitioning from their corporate jobs to becoming bloggers, vloggers and beauty influencers. The process was not easy, they had to fail many times before finally hitting the big time.

KC Concepcion, Palmolive Philippines brand ambassador next went on stage to share that health can empower women to be their best self. She shared her workout routines, she touched on depression and getting back on her feet and how being on the limelight so much can take a toll on a person.

The main speaker of the event was no other than Ms. World 2013, Megan Young, who shared that all women have insecurities and yet it is up to our mindset as to how we can surpass them. She was judged for being too thin, for having uneven set of teeth and yet these made her different, it made her win the crown. The lass now calls out those who makes insensitive or hurtful comments.

Ms. Jane Lim, Director of Shopee Philippines, said, "Shopee's Beauty Fair is a celebration of women and their success, and we are proud to partner with Maybelline and Palmolive for this event - both leading beauty brands who share the same belief that women should be celebrated as they are. Beauty Fair was conceptualized as part of Shopee's continued commitment to empowering Filipinas across the country. We hope that this serves as an inspirational platform for more women to take a step forward towards achieving their goals."

To make the event even more enjoyable, we got free rides from Grab, as well as free blow-dry and hair-styling sessions by Creations by Lourd Ramos. 

Modern Rules

Gone are the days where women cower and hide whenever someone points out what we think we lack. No more hiding in the background as we have discovered that women can do what men can and even do it in heels. Yes, we may live in a semi-conservative nation, but now, there are ways we can empower ourselves, individually or collectively, but still - needed to be done. Let me share with 3 ways we can overcome society's standards and come out powerful. 

  1. You can with the right make-up. To some, well, to Moms like me, yes, make-up, prettifying ourselves may take the backseat but believe me, the right make-up, the right way to blend and contour and enhance your already beautiful features can add an extra oomph to your everyday disposition. Maybelline Philippines has a whole make-up line that can help you highlight your beauty no matter what the occasion is. 
Photo not mine. Credits to the owner. 

          Did I mention that they will be part of Shopee's  Best of Beauty Sale this coming June 21st -              27th? Yes, up to 95%            off of their products! Just visit their official Shopee account. 

     2. Your crowning glory can boost your confidence. Yes, whatever hairstyle you feel fits you, go             for it! It is your hair, it will compliment your face, it will boost your confidence and no one can           dictate what fits you. Take care of your hair, give it as much love as you do the rest of your                 body. A glowing, healthy hair will help you feel extra beautiful.

Photo credits to Shopee Ph. 

         The right shampoo and conditioner can help you achieve that. Palmolive will also be part of               the Best of Beauty Sale. You can get good deals on their hair care product too. 

     3. Be YOU - figure out who you are or you can be whoever you want to be. Stick with it, be                   happy and content with the YOU, you choose to be. Make choices that will reflect the YOU                 you love, be unapologetically YOU. As they say, you're the one who has to live with you all the           time, so make sure that you can live with the YOU you opt to become. 

You see ladies, the world is already harsh as it is, being a woman is already too hard. Why not make it a little easier on all of us by learning to celebrate each other's success? But you know what really will make life easier for all of us? Being happy always, being confident and unafraid to voice out how we feel, destroying stereotypes and being happy in our own skin. 

Let's not be afraid to succeed, let''s not be afraid to be better and let's take better care of ourselves. That way, women empowerment which is being fought for for many years won't be in vain. 


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