The Benefits of Systems Thinking Learning in School

The Habits of a Systems Thinker

The Goal of Parents 

As a mom, we only want what's best for our children. We want to provide them the best of everything be it food, clothing and of course education. Our ultimate goal is to secure their future from a young age up to the time when they need to go out and experience the real world as adults .

This is the reason I am on the look out for the best private school that is affordable yet offers teachings that will get my first-born Choi far in life when he grows up. There are so many schools out there that offers good education but really, I am more of a mother who wants my son to not only be educated from books but also equipped with the proper thinking and handling of whatever situations he may face in life in the future. 

Benedictine International School

Benedictine International School Basketball/Volleyball Court

Benedictine International School is just that. A private school located in Diliman, Quezon City which was established in year 2000. From then on, BIS has always promoted the idea that relevant education is a product of adaptation to the demands of the time. As a school that learns, BIS utilizes Systems Thinking - one of the new approaches to education and child-rearing. Peter Senge, an American Scientist and MIT Senior Lecturer, Author and Founding Chair of the Society for Organizational Learning (SOL) first introduced this approach.

A Sample Science project of BIS students at the experential room for the Mommy Blogger's Day

So what am I saying? Yes, it is about time we changed the traditional approach to learning in school because let's face it, times have changed. What worked for us then, may not be as effective now. And as parents, it is our responsibility to help our children keep up with the times. 

What is Systems Thinking? 

Philosophies in life formed by BIS students themselves

Systems Thinking is defined as a way of thinking that sees the bigger picture and how parts of a system interact with each other, making an individual more critical and empathic as he makes responsible choices. Given adequate training and exposure to this way of thinking, an individual increases his chance at personal success.

Since it was introduced, Systems Thinking in advanced countries have introduced this learning approach not only in schools but in big multinational corporations since reputable learning institution saw real and concrete advantages to apply them to kids early on. 

Why Choose Systems Thinking Learning? 

What is Systems Thinking? 

I couldn't stress it enough, but if you'll look around Momma (and Papa!), times have definitely changed. The modernization of the society has become so fast and ever-changing that if you don't apply critical-thinking and precise decision-making, you will be left behind. 

Let me give you 5 ways your child can benefit by enrolling them to a Systems Thinking school:

  1.  The child learns that their decicions have short and long term effects. Since the approach is not confined to the traditional teachings that you need to finish school so you will be successful in life, systems thinking teaches children that balancing their decisions, bearing in mind that if you finish school, not only will you be successful but you can help other people become successful too makes them become more careful and caring in decision-making. 
  2. Effective Communication - Benedictine International School classes all have mood meters in their classrooms. This said mood meter allows the children to express how they feel without fear of being pressured or singled out. This allows the children to adjust from how their day started to being able to process their feelings and thoughts throughout the day. More importantly, they are trained to engage well in constructive and collaborative communication. 
  3. Confidence - Systems Thinking allows students to become adept in managing their emotions therefore they become prepared to face whatever challenges or change in environment they may face. Through this, we will not be afraid that our children won't be able to handle whatever hurdles they may face in life. 
  4. Leaderhsip - since the kids are taught that they are part of a much bigger system and that there is more to being confined to the walls of the school they go to each day, the children are being given the skills that will make them become better leaders. Their thoughts isn't around just themselves but the organization, the group, their classmates, parents and the people around them which can make them good leaders in the future. 
  5. Commitment - and being able to stand firmly on their choices. The best thing about using the Systems Thinking approach in teaching/training the students in school is that they learn to make precise decisions and become able to stand up and back-up the choices that they will make. Since their choices are based on life-long views and how it will affect the people around them, there is more than enough chance for them to become successful in whatever field they may choose in the future. 

And to me, that is what's important. Seeing my child become aware that the world doesn't just revolve around him, me or our family. That his choices have consequences that will affect not only him but everyone and everything that surrounds him. I guess, nothing will make him more set in life than being able to adjust to the rapid changes in our time. 

Why Choose Benedictine International School? 

One of their classrooms where the desks are formed into a U-shape

We were recently invited to a short Mommy Blogger's Day at BIS. We were given a chance to get a sneak peek of what Sytems Learning is all about and how BIS have successfully introduced this approach to their children. And I must say, I am impressed.

Computer nook

The facilities are conducive to a proper learning environment. Not too grand nor big where kids need to go up and down flights of stairs or get lost in corridors. The computer rooms, media rooms, even their Kinder rooms are all well-equipped and strategically placed.

The mood meter

The number of students in each class will also give parents confidence that their children will be taught well because it's not cramped and teachers will be able to focus more on their kids. 

So I guess, the best choice right now is to let our children experience a non-traditional yet beneficial approach to learning. That can be achieved at Benedictine International School

Mommy Bloggers experience BIS teachings for a day.

“For the parents, the encouragement that we need is the love for life-long learning. It’s not easy at first, but you just have to practice it. Let go of the old mental models and learn new things.” - Ms. Joan Antonio (EVP, BIS).

Discover how Benedictine International School can help your child benefit from systems thinking. Visit their website,, and Facebook page, You may also send an email through or call at (+632) 951-7454 or 951-7154.

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