Choi-Choi Learned How Breads are Made #GardeniaKiddieWorkshop

With the election season over, I really took the time to be able to make it up to my kids after being so busy with the campaign. I knew it was high-time for me and Choi to have some mom and son bonding so what better way to do it than taking him to Laguna so we, together with other mommy bloggers, can bond over various activities prepared at the Gardenia Kiddie Workshop

What is the Gardenia Kiddie Workshop? 

The Gardenia Kiddie Workshop is a mix of different activities aimed to teach kids about things that matter. The activities are storytelling, plant tour guiding, art session, proper handwashing, healthy eating habits, cooking/baking class, mascot appearance, and bread store junior crew. 

The workshop is open to kids 5 years old up with one parent and guardian to accompany them. The workshop lasts most of the day and the goal is to keep the kids informed and happy at the same time.

Mommy Bloggers at Gardenia Kiddie Workshop 

Last May 17th, Choi and I together with other Mommy Bloggers Philippines mommies and kids went to the Gardenia plant in Laguna to experience first-hand the Gardenia Kiddie Workshop. Needless to say, my little guy had an amazing time and he wouldn't stop talking about his experience for days!

The day started with a short orientation about what to expect followed by a short activity where mommies and kids created name tags for one another and introduction of one another after. The kids, especially Choi, got excited when the Gardenia mascots made an appearance and joined them in a short dance number. It was definitely fun to watch.

For a little more interactive experience, the kids were given the chance to go off on a short tour around the plant and then showed us moms how breads are made after that. I was definitely proud of Choi as he held picture cards showing the last stage of the Gardenia bread-making process. I noticed how he really listened to each step as if it was really an interesting topic for him. You see, Choi's interest leans more on sea creatures that I found it really nice that he looked at the big machines, the recipes and the actual process with much gusto.

After lunch, moms and kids painted paperweights in the shape of Gardenia breads. Choi did what he does best, make a an artistic mess of the paints provided for us! The best part came after where Mommies and kids baked and cooked recipes out of their yummy Gardenia breads. Ham and cheese roll sandwich, Twiggies polvoron, chocolate balls were surely the best! We had fun  making and eating them!

The children were then taught the proper way of washing their hands which to me was an important part of the workshop. The kids were provided with colorful jugs with faucets plus basins and soaps and one Gardenia crew was assigned to each kid so they can really learn how to wash their hands properly.

We went down to the Gardenia store so we can witness our kids become junior crews for the day. After promoting Gardenia breads, the tots went to the cashier area where us moms paid our Gardenia product purchases. I have never seen Choi as excited as he was during that part!

How can you and your kids join the Gardenia Kiddie Workshops?

Yes, the workshop is open to everybody. First, you need to fill out the GKW form : GKW Form or visit their Facebook page: Gardenia Factory Tour.

You can also send your application thru an FB Private message or thru email at Bring an empty pack of the following Gardenia products on the day of the workshop:

  • 1 loaf packaging
  • 1 pandesal/bun packaging
  • 1 creamroll packaging 
  • 1 pocket sandwich packaging 
  • 1 twiggies packaging 
Don't forget to bring an ID that indicates the kid's date of birth on the day of the workshop. 

I'm sure you have questions regarding the workshop. Here are the numbers you can contact for your questions: Trunkline: (02)889.8990/049.539.1136 to 40 local 258, Mobile: 0917.894.2341/0920.911.4606 or email them at

So mommies, what are you waiting for? The Gardenia Kiddie Workshop will be an ideal bonding activity for you and your little ones so join now!

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