How to Keep Your Little One Smelling Fresh All Day

Choichoi with Bambini's newest endorsers - Mommy Iya and Baby Primo

I'm a mom of three little kids, a 4 year-old, 1 year-old and a 3 -month old. The challenge is cleaning up after them after playing all day or simply making sure that their diapers and clothes are changed regularly all day. Just like any other moms, I experiment with different brands and products when it comes to my kids hygiene. Though I allow them to be kids, I also want to make sure that at the end of the day, they smell like the little eye candies I look at them to be.

I have a nanny that comes to the house everyday who helps me take care of my tots while I work my tushie off so I can provide for their needs. I have an everyday to do list for her because I always tell her that I want my kids squeaky clean and smelling good when I get home. Let me share with you my Top 3 Mommy Reminders for Choi, Chai and Chuchai's hygiene. 

1. Give them a bath every day. 

What I do first thing in the morning is to bathe all three of them so that they won't be irritable in our humid weather. A lukewarm bath and my favorite shampoo and bath gel are a part of their everyday bathing routine. 

2. Use baby lotion and baby powder 

A mildly scented baby lotion and a thin layer of powder must be applied to my kids after bathing, when changing clothes or when they look like they need a little cleaning up. This ensures that they don't smell like sweat and that they're kept smelling fresh all day. 

3. Use a baby-friendly cologne 

The icing to the cake, the last step of my everyday hygiene ritual for my kids is applying cologne on them. This is probably the easiest way to keep them smelling clean all day. 

I recommend Bambini Baby Cologne. Their 5 fresh scents  will guarantee that you and your kids will smell nice and clean every time you apply it on them. These scents are Cotton Cuddles, Morning Tickles, Starry Lullaby, Sunny Playtime, and Ocean Kisses. 

I am currently using Morning Tickles for my kids. It smells fruity yet not too strong that it's like your baby is always fresh from the bath. 

We were recently invited to the Bambini Baby Cologne Family Bootcamp at Glorietta where Mommy Iya shared the challenges of being a mom to a 1 year old and having another bun in the oven. But the upside is that it's up to us Moms to make our motherhood journey enjoyable and bearable by being able to adjust to our children's subtle signals. 

Anyway, I hope my everyday tips help your motherhood journey become a breeze. There's nothing more kilig for us moms than to be able to smell our kid's sweet scent when we come home at the end of the day. Enjoy life's little surprises with Bambini Baby Cologne

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