Bounty Fresh & The Secret Behind Their Delicious, Nutritious Golden Yolk

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My little boy has always been a big fan of eggs, fried, sunny side up and even made as spread, name it, my boy will gobble it like a kid on Christmas morning. That is why whenever I go grocery shopping, I make sure that I only buy the best ones on the market. 

So if you want to know why this Momma always chooses Bounty Fresh eggs? Read on...

Bounty Fresh eggs  finally reveals the reason why its eggs set the “Golden Standard” in the Philippines, when they spearheaded the World Egg Day 2017 celebration last October 12, 2017 at the Atrium of Eastwood City Mall. It is because of the “Golden Yolk” that assures consumers the eggs are fresh, nutritious and come from laying hens that are fed with nutritious ingredients and are raised in an environment-friendly and controlled houses that follow the global standard for food safety and management.

 The “Golden Yolk” assures consumers the eggs are fresh, healthy and come from laying hens that are fed with nutritious ingredients and are raised in an environment-friendly and controlled houses that follow the global standard for food safety and management. 
“The golden yolk is the unique color of the yolk of Bounty Fresh eggs,” said Edwin Chen, managing director of Bounty Farms Inc., the company that produces the Bounty Fresh eggs.

 “The golden yolk denotes the good quality of eggs from our hens and signifies freshness enhanced by good internal (strong abdomen and yolk) and external (strong egg shell and shell membranes) quality of the eggs.”
 Not just any laying hen can produce the golden yolk.

At Bounty Fresh eggs, the laying hens are kept in excellent health and their immune system remained strong by giving them feeds that are especially formulated by the company’s nutritionist. Laying hens are regularly checked and given supplements to remain healthy. Moreover, Bounty Fresh eggs are free from hormones, making them totally safe for human consumption.

The hens are raised in tunnel ventilated and fully automatic chicken houses so that human interaction and intervention is limited, making them less vulnerable to diseases. They are kept on cages arranged on tiers that are imported from Germany. Feeds and eggs conveyors go around the house per tier to dispense feeds, while water is administered through nipple drinkers. 

To ensure the comfort of the laying hens, Bounty Farms use fans and cooling pads to cool down the facilities housing the chickens. These facilities are also closed to safeguard the hens from contacting diseases from the outside or surrounding environment. They also help prevent contacts from rodents, wild bird, stray animals and other carriers of diseases.
 The temperature and humidity in the chicken houses are controlled and constantly monitored by a computer. A farm supervisor also goes around the building to monitor the flock condition, as well as all the data.

Bounty Farms also ensures that once the eggs are produced, they are brought straight to storage facilities employing a series of fully automated conveyors for faster sorting and to avoid getting in contact with contaminants and bacteria. The eggs also pass through a stringent selection process to ensure that the eggshells are consistently smooth, clean and blemish free – signs of good breeding.

Because of the state-of-the-art, ISO-rated facilities, Bounty Fresh eggs are guaranteed fresh, clean, safe for human consumption and most importantly, rich with nutrients and vitamins necessary for a healthier, more active and disease-free lifestyle.

Bounty Fresh eggs are rich in vitamins D, B2, B6 and B12. They are also a good source of minerals such as zinc, iron and copper. This is evident to the wide array of Bounty Fresh eggs variants. 

Premium Eggs have light golden yolk, proof that chickens were raised in healthy environment. It is best to use as an ingredient in baking or in any family dish that calls for a lighter yolk. Specialty Eggs such as Organic Selenium enriched, Vitamin E enriched, Omega-3 enriched and Nutri-filled eggs have mid golden yolk, proof that these are enriched with certain vitamins and minerals that for our family to enjoy anytime of the day. Free-Range and Cage-Free brown eggs have Dark golden yolk, proof that this are highly nutritious and tastier for our family.

So wonder no more why Bounty Fresh eggs, famous for their Golden Yolk, have become the Golden Standard in the Philippines. 
“When a product is the best in its category, it is usually considered the 'Golden Standard',” Chen pointed out. “Through the years, Bounty Fresh has become the country’s most trusted brand that provides not only fresh and high-quality eggs, but are distinctively nutritious and delicious too.”

You can catch Bounty Fresh eggs eggs ‘freshness’ at Shopwise, S & R, and any SM supermarket near you. 

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