The New Partner for Entrepreneurs : Move Your Stuff with Just an App

Got something to move? I-Mober na yan!

If you are like me, a mom of so many "rakets" and hats to wear, one of the most important partners that you need is a courier or a mover that you can rely on. More than being reliable, there are factors to consider like size, price and safety for all the parcels that I send to my buyers/customers each day.

I have tried others before, one express mover can only deliver a parcel up to a certain size and the other one who promises to deliver everything of any size charged me exorbitantly that it cut the size of my profit to almost none. 

So, when I heard about a new app that my all-time favorite actor slash love of my life, haha.. Piolo Pascual uses for his business, I figured, this could be the game-changer that I've been waiting for. Hey, the man's a busy guy who entrusts his business to this app, then why not me? 

Piolo Pascual - Mober Endorser

Mober is the first on-demand app that offers reliable, convenient and affordable van delivery services. It's as easy as booking a taxi ride!

Piolo swears by their services as the man have recently moved houses. He lost some stuff in the process until Mober came along. They can transport furnitures, big-sized items even pets! The upside is that they will take photos of your item as proof of its condition from pick-up to delivery. Through this, you are assured that nothing bad can happen to your delivery. Ain't that convenient?

Piolo with the Mober Team 

Now available on the app store and playstore: you can just easily download the app through: 
for Apple - Mober and on Playstore: Mober

Try it now! 


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