Keeping it Fresh : 3 Fool-proof Ways to Smell Good All Day

It is an ultimate dream of every Moms, heck, every women even men to always smell impeccable now matter what we do all day. With our country's very moody weather, it's a must to always be conscious of our hygiene so that we still smell fresh like a baby at the end of our entire day. 

Of course, it takes no rocket science to know the basic things to do to smell good each day, taking a bath for one is the most obvious "must do" everyday. But really there are fool-proof ways to maintain that "I just got out of the shower" scent and these tips will get you through no matter how old you are.

Here are 3 ways to smell good all day for any age:

1. Eat well - make sure that you eat plenty of fresh foods like fruits and veggies. Stay off alcohol as much as you can and remove sugar from your diet. You see, our body emits what we intake, so to be on the safe side, steer clear of junk food and other things that are bad for the body.

Eat Well. (Photo credits to Google)

2. Wear clean clothes -
Yes, freshly laundered clothes are also key to keep yourself smelling nice all day. Though it's tempting to wear the same top twice just because you didn't do anything heavy or sweaty that day, it's still much safer to just wash it before using it again. 

Clean clothes please. (Photo not mine)

3. Choose your scent wisely - yes, you must carefully choose the cologne or perfume that you will use during daytime or nighttime. The best way to go is by choosing a light yet fresh scent that you can easily reapply and layer all throughout the day. 

If you are a Tita of Manila like me, you would love to know that the scent we've always loved is still around. My favorite scent that I always carry with me and now I use on my babies - Denenes

The Denenes Philippines line of products. (Photo grabbed from their FB Page)

Denenes means "for babies" bur really, I have been using it up to now. What I love about Denenes is that their product are Paraben-free, has neutral Ph, dermatologically-tested as mild and it strengthens our skin's defense

Like what I'm saying, Denenes has a line wherein you can easily layer up your scent. They offer shampoo, liquid soap, lotion and cologne which will make your scent consistent all through-out the day. The best part about Denenes is that they're not only for our kids but for us as well. 

Our favorite and mosr probably their most famous product - Cologne

You see, smelling good is more than just a habit, it must be your way of life. It's an everyday decision and responsibility to yourself that you must make so that you can present a presentable, fresh-smelling you all day. With Denenes - that won't be so hard to do. 


Mommies and friends! Denenes are now available in leading stores nationwide. Check out the list below:

Check out their Facebook page to know more about Denenes. (Click here!)

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