Beauty on the Go: Tupperware Brand Minis Product Feature + A Giveaway!

Most of us ladies like it quick and convenient. What with all the things we juggle everyday, we prefer things to be easy to carry, easy to use and quick to apply, right? This goes for food, clothes, beauty products and everything else. 

I know you would agree with me when I say that I like compact things inside my bag so it won't be difficult for me to tote everything wherever I go. You see, I'm a solo mom who does it all. The last thing I need is the inconvenience of heavy things that could get in my way. 

Beauty on the Go 

Now, I won't go through the other "baggages" (if you catch my drift) in my life. Let me zoom in on what most of us ladies prefer to have. Small, compact, easy to carry perfume and make-ups, agree? 

This is where Tupperware Brands Minis come in. I like how products fit into my medium-sized bag and even the tiny ones I carry when I go to a party or a quick trip to the mall. Let me show one by one how ideal these tiny things are for busy ladies and moms like me:

Colorfull Mini Makeup Pallette - Daytime Siren and Pretty in Pink (P399) 

These divas contain 3 eyeshadow and 1 blush. It's so compact and light, it can fit into your wallet/pouch. This can help you achieve that gorgeous look every single day, all throughout the week.

Fruity Blooms Pocket Mist - Pomegranate and Green Tea (P175) 

Blaze Jersey #23 & #21 Pocket Mist 45ML (P245) 

Armand Dupree Rollette 10ML (P245) 

These scents are easy to carry. They come in mini 30ML bottles that will fit inside any bags, small, medium or large. Take these pocket mists with you wherever you go and it's so easy for you to smell so good all day long. 

Baby Care Plus+ Pink Happy Baby Set (P450) and Baby Care Plus+ Milk and Baby Bonding Set (P470) 

These babies come in sets of 3. Complete with bath essentials - baby bath, lotion and powder. These are the perfect travel kit for you and your little ones or as a gift for your mommy friends too. 

310 ML Eco Bottle (P199) 

This is probably one of my most favorire  Tupperware Brands products ever. They come in bright, yummy colors and are also sized just right to help you stay hydrated while on the go. 

Perfect Gift Idea

See? You now understand why Tupperware Brands Minis are the best thing for me to put inside my bag. They're easy to carry, convenient to use and will give you instant beauty and freshness. I like calling these stuff tiny confidence boosters! 

But wait! Since Christmas is rearing it's pretty head so fast just around the corner , these mini products are also ideal to give as a gift to the people we value most. It's like sharing the love with them by helping them experience the same convenience and confidence they give you. 

Win - win, right? 😉

What if I tell you... 

You can win your own set of these loot! Yes, I am giving away the following to 1 (one) lucky winner: 

The set contains:

1 Colorfull Mini Makeup Pallette Daytime Siren (P399) 

• Armand Dupree Rollette 10ML (P245) 

• Fruity Blooms Pocket Mist Pomegranate and Green Tea (P175 each)

•Blaze Jersey #23 Pocket Mist (P245)

•Baby Care Plus Milk and Baby Bonding Set- (P470) 

•Baby Care Plus Pink Happy Baby Set - (P450) 

•310ML Eco Bottle (P199) 

The mechanics are simple:

1. Like and Share the following Tupperware Brands social media accounts.

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One (1) lucky winner will be chosen via Random manual draw (with video) on September 15, 2017. 

Good luck guys! 

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