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How I Started

Before I begin, let me tell you that this is a 3-part series of articles about working-at-home and earning from home that I really hope will be helpful to you.

Okay. To those of you who are wondering how Rolled Into One Mom came to be. I am going to do a little short walk down memory lane before I can share with you what it's like being a work at home Mom. 

Some years ago, I remember being tired of commuting everyday, spending so much on things I didn't need and being deprived of sleep. But then again, the BPO industry is where the money was(for me), so I decided to stick it out even if I didn't feel happy anymore. 

Fast forward to 2007, I decided to put up a blog entitled, Unsolved Piece of a Jigsaw Puzzle which kinda became my outlet about anything and everything under the sun. Writing has always been one of my passions but I didn't know there  was an opportunity to earn from it.

I gave birth to my son Choi in April of 2013, I knew having a child entailed huge expenses I wasn't prepared for. I only had my salary from my job as a Barangay Councilor to depend on, but hey, with today's economy, it is NOT enough. I knew I needed to do something about it because I was already up my neck with debts. 

Fast forward again to 2014, I saw one of my long-time college friend Millie of Not Your Ordinary Mum and she gave me an idea about putting my blog out there. She said there was endless opportunities  from it. Then I met another kind Mommy Blogger (now one of my treasured friends) May of Fully Housewifed who both encouraged me and pushed me to become a better writer/blogger and Macy of Lavishly Parsimonious who continue to push me to pursue my dreams. The rest is history as they say, I've gotten a chance to gain reasonable amounts of followers, worked with big brands and even realize that I had other potential that is beyond writing about myself. Haha.

So at present, I have 2 kids, a boy and a girl whom I try my best to provide for with what I am earning. Take note: the dad helps and I am very thankful that he does. 

This was my first regular work-at-home gig. I was a business writer for 30minMBA. I miss my boss Therese! 😞

My Motivation

I know some of you are wondering why I decided to take the leap. Yes, I was earning a lot being in the BPO industry but you see, there are other things more than money that working-at-home gives me. 

If you are one of those who would like to make the switch, here are some questions I asked myself before I decided to quit the corporate life and work at home instead. If your answers are mostly yes, then maybe, it's time. 😊

1. Am I ready? - are you ready to leave behind your "work friends" and your after-work rituals? 

2. Can I financially sustain my lifestyle whilst hunting for online work? - this is something I wasn't really prepared for then, I had little savings, but I decided to be a little creative by selling stuff online. 

3. Do I have self-discipline? - this is something you have to really find deep within yourself. Working at home means being in close proximity to your bed, tv and gadgets. It's so easy to drop everything and just chill. 

4. What skills do I have to offer? - remember, your current job may not be what's needed by online employers. So you have to do research first and then try to learn different skills set.

5. What am I passionate about? - is it creative writing, sales, photography, name it! There are so many online careers that took off from what they were passionate about. Why not monetize it by offering it? 

Guys, there are so many different things to earn from online. You just need these 2 things : patience and creativity. I have been waiting for a break for a while, and yes, it came in the most unexpected time. My first TV appearance as a Work-At-Home Mom. 😊

Gaining Exposure - My TV Debut

I've always been curious about how to send my messages across. It literally makes my heart jump every time I see a comment or a message on my blog email about how I've influenced them. Who would've thought? My biggest break yet has come in the most unexpected time! I've been featured on the afternoon news program TV Patrol of ABS-CBN no less than the beautiful Ms. Jasmin Romero.

My insides were tied up in knots! I was even more nervous when I realized that it’s a done deal. Jasmin will really come over to my house to interview me! I almost backed out at the last minute thinking of using LBM as an excuse. But then again, when will this chance come knocking at my door again?

With Jasmin Ronero of TV Patrol

Ms. Jasmin Romero is definitely more than just a pretty face. The girl can coax what’s important out of a very nervous momma like me. She made me feel confident, she asked questions like she wanted to get to know me better. She is genuine. Smart and genuine. I like her, she made my first TV appearance a breeze. I’m still on cloud nine over my 5 minutes of fame!

Jasmin asked what tips I can share with you guys about starting a Work-From-Home business and I’d like to cap this blog post off with these:

  1. Find your passion. - if it's writing then create a blog and write your heart out. If it's graphic design then create a portfolio which you can share with your potential employers. Just make sure you know where your heart wants to go.
  2. Be prepared to fail - it will not be a walk in the park. Patience will be your best friend. You will fail at some point, BUT 
  3. Don't ever quit - once you make the jump, find yourself  stuck at some roadblock, keep inmind that it's only temporary. Keep your eyes on the prize. Who knows? One day, it's your face up there on the television and I will be right here rooting for you! 😊

A screenshot of my TV Appearance. Credits to Makati Councilor Bing Villamor. ❤️

Here's the video clip of my TV interview with Jasmin. Tell me what you think of it! 

In the next part, I will tell you about How I Earn From Home. Stay tuned! 

Rolled Into One Mom

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