Celebrating Changes (Circa 2009 or 2010)


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I clearly remember writing this piece some 7 or 8 years ago. I was completely broken, down and bruised. There was a time when I couldn't even pick a pen up to write my thoughts and a friend told me, if there's one thing she would always remember me saying, it's I can't write if I'm unhappy. 

So, I'd like to re-share this, this time on my official site with hopes that you would be inspired to accept that life is a series of constant change and that instead of going against it thinking what you will lose, think about what you would gain from it. So here goes:

Celebrating Changes - Circa 2009 or 2010

It's been months since I last let loose a brain fart...(repa, let me borrow that. haha) I was stuck at Limbo Avenue corner Confused and Undecided streets for quite a while. It's like at every turn - my life flashes in front of me like some video montage from a 1940's movie. I have come a long way since - I remember being broken, down and bruised.

I left behind my belongings years ago...I never looked back...
I left behind what seemed to be 50 years of memory...a line from a 1940's movie that had me thinking...heck yeah! I did just the same.

It needed a great deal of sacrifice...ties had to be cut...bonds had to be forgotten...
Promises needn't be kept. For someone who finds it awfully difficult to let go and move on...it was a whole new different ballgame.

I used to tell myself - Let Life Come To You. I stood still at one corner waiting for the sun to shine pity on me. It said wait. I did exactly what it said. I stood at the same corner for months on end, thinking something different was gonna happen. It didn't.

I checked out the next curve...I found new friends, formed new goals and weaved new dreams. I ate and slept. I turned off the auto-pilot. You see, CHANGE drives people out of their comfortably numb chairs into a world of exciting new experiences. I just needed to look at the other roads and bends.

It is not about you - doing the same thing over and over, it's about doing the same thing over and over - expecting a different result.

It seemed to be 50 years since...I remember how it felt like...but I don't remember why I felt like that. I have changed. I don't remember where I'm from...but I know where I'm going. 

Here's to not being afraid of being alone, here's to taking ownership and learning responsibility. Here's to a life that has been scarred and healed and a mind that needed more thinking and re-thinking. Here's to not being fooled by a smile and a sweet word, for taking better care of myself, for smelling trouble before it rears its ugly head.

People can start out one way and by the time life gets through with them, they end up completely different.

It seems to be 50 years since...I'm still unscathed. I used to say LET LIFE COME TO YOU. Now, I AM COMING TO LIFE.

Rolled Into One Mom

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