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Manila, Philippines - Celebrating Valentine’s Day has always been a part of our annual celebrations, this is the time where we get all mushy and more affectionate. A customary idea of Valentine’scelebration will include receiving flowers and chocolates and having fancy dinners, but for this year, step-up your game and make it different from before. 


And with May Sparkling Juice, there’s something to suit every mood and situation!


4 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day


For Couples. Rekindle the romance and plan for an adventure.Create a trail of clues and lead your date to your actual gift through a game like truth or dare. It’s not only exciting; it will also remind you of your relationship’s milestones. Toast to memorable fun times together and discover a rekindled love before the night ends.


For Singles. Who says Valentine’s Day isn’t for you? Gather your single friends and create a movie garden! Prepare a ham and cheese platter, pop open that bottle of May Sparkling Juice, and play that romantic movie you’ve always wanted to watch. It might be chilly outside but you have warm bodies beside you to make you feel that being single is definitely alright.


For family with kids. Celebrating the love month with your family? Make it an affair to remember for the little ones. A casino themed party is perfect for guests of all ages. Let the adults enjoy poker and fill the kiddie corner with a variety of game boards to choose from. Prepare snacks and fizz, and just roll the dice!


For you and your officemates. Pulling off a mandatory all-nighter at the workplace? Your night doesn’t have to be boring.  Create small stations like that of a Fair that your officemates can go to. Your Fair can have a marriage booth, a jail booth, a chocolate and candy corner, write-a-card corner, and a music booth. To keep things in control, organize a dry, no alcohol party – a perfect set-up for a non-alcoholic but pleasantly enjoyable beverage such as May Sparkling Juice! Activities depend on how strict your office’s policies are.


If for some reason you are celebrating this day solo, buy yourself a nice meal. Pour yourself a glass of ice cold May Sparkling Juice and treat yourself to a relaxing warm bath. The ecstatic feeling is just as wonderful! 


Wherever you choose to celebrate this special day, in a relationship or not, popping open a bottle of May Sparkling Juice is sure to make your celebration a grand one. A wholesome and welcoming non-alcoholic beverage, May Sparkling Juice is a flavorful fizzy drink without the added sugar or preservatives. It is extracted from the highest quality of red and white grapes, and is proudly Belgium-made. 


Celebrate love and say YES to MAY today!




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