34 Life Lessons on My 34th : Plus a Giveaway!

One Word or More 

Busy. It can't even begin to describe how so many things keep pulling me from one end to another. As you can see, it has been a while since I posted something anything remotely close to being my personal thoughts. But then again, since it's my birthday - I am taking the time to write about what's inside my heart. 

Older. Yes, the perfect word to describe how I feel in age yet my mind feels like it's just my 25th today. I'd like to believe that I have matured as a person and as a mother. But, I know I'm still the girl who will go all-out bat-sh*t crazy when you cross my boundaries.

Lighter. Nah, not in weight but emotionally. This happens when you learn to let things go. I have let go of all the hurts and frustrations - the things I will never have control over. 

Determined. I don't have much money. I am not rich. I am not even halfway through my bucket list. But now more than ever, I am keeping my eyes on the prize and I won't stop. 

So on my 34th birthday, I am sharing with you 34 lessons I have learned in life that I am hoping you can learn from too. And later, I will ask you to choose your favorite and you will get a chance to win prizes as my "thank you for being with me on my journey". So here goes:
  1. Make peace with your broken pieces
  2. Your dreams won't magically come true 
  3. Take everything one day at a time 
  4. Don't apologize for being who you are
  5. Don't settle for crumbs
  6. Always give it your best
  7. It's okay to be scared sometimes
  8. But then again, you have to tell yourself to be brave
  9. You won't always get what you want but you can always try
  10. Nobody ever said life is easy 
  11. Be fearlessly weird
  12. Accept your faults
  13. A debt is A debt
  14. Love your curves
  15. Show your truly colors
  16. Fight for your freedom 
  17. Your kids will love you no matter what 
  18. A whole lot of patience will get you through life 
  19. You don't need to please everyone 
  20. It's okay to retreat inside your shell from time to time 
  21. The things that hurt you now will make you laugh in the future & the past will never come back. 
  22. Your life. Your rules.
  23. People love in their own unique way
  24. Never stop learning 
  25. Wash your own damn underwear 
  26. Not everyone who smiles at you is your friend  & jealous people will make you look like the villain
  27. Sometimes, your good intentions are misconstrued 
  28. Continue smiling anyway
  29. Help people 
  30. We all have our own paths to follow 
  31. Money can't buy happiness 
  32. But word hard still
  33. Life is a journey so buckle up & enjoy the freakin' ride 
  34. You are beautiful no matter what weight.

There! You might notice that I didn't elaborate on each one of them. Why? Because life is simple. You don't need too many words to understand how to live and be happy! 

Be Open To Suggestions 

This should've been the 35th but then again, I only need 34 at this time so I am going to enlist your help. 

Get a chance to win:

A Philcare Wellness Journal or 

This authentic Tommy Hilfiger tote bag or 

Tickets for Two to watch a movie of your choice at the Power Plant Cinema, Rockwell Power Plant Mall, Makati City. 


1. Choose your favorite life lesson from the list above 
2. On the comments box - share your thoughts about it and give me one life advice that you think I can learn from.
3. I will choose 3 winners with the best answers to win these prizes.

Onwards, Always Up

Life has been a frenemy to me. It has kicked be in the bum so many times for making the wrong decisions yet God also rewarded me precious blessings that I will always be thankful for. 

Now, I am still taking tiny, baby steps, I may walk with caution at times but still the adventurous side of me keeps pushing to go beyond what is expected of me. 

I mindfully avoid situations where my integrity and peace of mind will be compromised and I keep my friends always close to my heart. 

I can honestly say, I am happy where I am right now, but I want more and I won't be discouraged nor distracted from my goals. I have so much love in my heart. I am satisfied and I've been told that my heart is in the right place, and I believe them! 

So, hello unstoppable 34! I am ready for you. 

Rolled Into One Mom


  1. My fave is this: It's okay to retreat inside your shell from time to time. Simply because I do that too. Hahaha! We can't serve others if our cup is empty. We need time to think, retrospect or simply just to recharge. I can't think of a better advice other than You Do YOU. Love you, sis! Mwah! Happy 34th! Wishing you lots of love and happiness!!!

  2. (chuckles..okay laughing at loud) Before I reveal my best pick from the above list lemme wish you again- the happiest birthday year ever-you deserve to be happy and beautiful anyway! I am doing this for the TH Blue bag to be specific (noted) I have two best faves from the list starting from the serious lesson " #4 Don't apologize for being who you are"- this hits me on the spot very timely since I am beginning to feel sorry for being just me. It's hard to be a people pleaser to the point of losing my own self- it's hard also to be understood since people can't see through you. I like myself being genuine but showing my true self is a bit scary when it comes to relationships (both personal, family etc). This is something I need to work on I admit- how can I hate myself if I am just me? -and the next one on the list is-"#25 Wash your own damn underwear"- haha..really? You still have someone washing your undies? Common' be honest...I am not ashamed to say that its been like 2 years I guess when I started to take responsibility on washing my undies..and guess what? up to now my mom still washes mine (soiled hard to wash panties) occasionally...me so bad. My ONE life advice is- while you are still young and able do the things you love (or curious about) doing the most DO IT NOW with no hesitations. Don't be like me full of regrets..I wasted so much time thinking I will be young forever tricking myself into believing that time moves in slow motion. NO! It will NEVER work that way. Be daring- brave and sometimes challenge yourself while you have time right now. It's okay to fail and tried than not at all. The 'what if's" will hurt later on..believe me. Take it from me..forever doomed to be a spinster, poor, broken and alone. How pathetic. Oh well..now lemme sleep :)

  3. What I like most is you HELP PEOPLE. It is what you do best in our community.. you help unconditionally. May you continue to be a blessing to us and to others and May the good Lord bless u also. Happiest birthday Kgwd.. We love u

  4. Happy birthday! Show your truly colors always! See you soon :D

  5. Helping people or someone would be the best asset you have as a person. It makes you feel happy inside, light, beautiful and you know that your cup is full because you are sharing or giving what you have to the needy (of course without feeling of getting one in return). I believe in the law of Karma "What you sow, So shall you reap". So, if you share something to someone, whatever it is big or small it will go back to you :)