Meeting New Friends at the United Bloggers Philippines Christmas Get-together

Blogging As An Outlet

I first started blogging in 2007, it was meant to be an online diary where I can rant about the highs and lows of my career in the BPO industry. I remember also being a sentimental fool who would post lyrics of emo songs and other what not's about my past relationships. This was an outlet. 

But then, after some time, I realized, I  didn't have anything to share anymore so I stopped for a few years - I went back to blogging in 2014 through the urging of my mommy friends Millie and May. The rest as they is history. I have been invited to events, made new friends out of other bloggers and PR peeps. 

Blogger Groups

At first, I didn't know that there are blogger groups where you can solicit advice about anything related to blogging Needless to say, I joined some so I can familiarize myself with the ins and outs of being a full blown blogger. 

Credits to Adae Ang for the group photo. 

One of those groups is the United Bloggers Philippines. This group has been helpful and so far, I like the laidback and friendly atmosphere this group has. Thanks to my friends Adae, Lani and Macy for being so accepting. I immediately felt at home and comfortable  with the group because of you guys!

UBP Thanksgiving & Christmas Party 

Literally, the UBP Christmas party was the first Christmas get-together I attended for the year. Fun, loud yet entertaining are the first few adjectives to pop into my head whenever the party comes to mind. It definitely jumpstarted the festive season for me! 

Some were lucky to win awesome prizes from our generous sponsors: 

They made the event more enjoyable, add to that the fun games that fostered friendly competition amongst the group. 

See! I'm one of the lucky ones to win a prize.

Thank you so much United Bloggers Philippines for including me to this year's event. I will never forget how easy it was to become friends with the other members of the group. Till' the next party! Merry Christmas! 🎄🎄🎄

Rolled Into One Mom

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