A Merry Mattel Christmas: Let's Play

Excited for the Holidays

Christmas is near. I'm sure our kids can see it's head peeking just around the corner to shower our little ones with excitement and cheer. 

For us parents, it's a priority to make the holidays extra special as we can for our children. What's even more special is to be able to see our children enjoying the same traditions that we did when we were lilttle. 

So what can make Chritmas even more special for our little ones? Playing with Mattel toys that we all played with when we were their age! 

It's Christmas - Let's Play! 

We‘ve got your Christmas gift covered! Experience early Christmas with us, at the much-awaited Mattel Christmas event this year. Richprime Global Inc. in partnership with Toy Kingdom and SM Supermalls bring you a whole lot of Christmas perks and activities perfect for the whole family!


Mattel Christmas is the perfect venue for holiday shopping and family bonding. Exciting activities and giveaways are in store for kids and families, all for free! Make your own lovely Christmas tiaras and get to watch the newest Barbie movie, Starlight Adventure while playing your favorite and classic Barbie dolls. Get your hands ready on the hottest and newest track sets and basic cars brought to you by the number 1 selling toy in the world, Hot Wheels. Free racing and track building activities by Hot Wheels along with Chimney building with Mega Bloks are all on set. 


Experience an epic Christmas and unleash the inner Royal or Rebel in you with the free Photo Op at Ever After High Garden and don’t forget to have your picture taken at Thomas and Friends Tank Engine Train. Tag along your mom and dad for the challenging yet fun board game activities such as Uno Cards, Bounce Off, Scrabble and the latest virtual reality gadget must-havethe View Master, all brought to you by Mattel Games. What are you waiting for? It’s Christmas, let’s play, with Mattel!


Catch the Mattel Christmas at the following malls:

Early Christmas Shopping 

If you're thinking of a special to gift to the most special person in your life, why not choose Mattel toys? 

Make your holidays as memorable as your childhood by gifting your loved ones with the toys we loved as kids. Enjoy awesome discounts by shopping at the Mattel Christmas sale! 

Have a merry Mattel Christmas! ❤️❤️❤️

See you at SM! 

Richprime Global Inc. is the exclusive distributor of licensed Mattel brands such as Barbie, Hot Wheels, Mega Bloks, Thomas and Friends, and Ever After High. Available in all leading toy stores nationwide. To learn more about our products, visit our official Facebook Page, Richwell Club and website at www.richprime.net.

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