AgeWell Club : Embrace Aging Happily & Gracefully

 All of us will eventually get there. One day, we will all reach our prime years and all the things we can easily accomplish when we were younger will somehow become a struggle. But then again, who says it has to be a struggle?

Unilab:  AgeWell Club 

For so many years, Unilab has brought us wellness through their products. And now, UNILAB brings us AgeWell Club the first-of-its-kind community in the Philippines that enables adults 50 years and up to be able to stay healthy, happy and active through activities and solutions that promote physical, mental, emotional and social well-being.

Yes, it's a support system.

Imagine being able to understand aging and everything that comes with it - the changes in your body, the rollercoaster of emotions you undergo and the desire to stay productive. Off course, there's the worry and excitement for what lies ahead.

Yes, AgeWell Club will be your buddy in your journey to aging well.

Things You Will Learn at AGEWELL CLUB:

Aside from being able to fully embrace aging, there are other things you, your parents or relatives will learn and enjoy if you join the club:

  • Interactive learning sessions on health, nutrition, fitness, and emotional wellness with content that are specifically relevant for adults like you
  • You can avail of solutions that are customized to your unique health and wellness needs as a senior.
  • Participate in experiential and recreational activities that will allow you to learn new things, learn new skills, meet new friends, and create new memories
  • Enjoy deals and promos exclusive to club members

How to Join:

In their effort to make a aging a breeze for our relatives, parents and friends, joining AGEWELL CLUB is super easy! Here's how:

  1. Fill out the AgeWell Membership Form
  2. Pay the annual P1,000 pesos membership fee. This can be a one-time payment or in batches of three (3) amounts. The payment may be done through bank deposit or by paying cash during one of the monthly learning sessions. 
Visit their website for more details!

What benefits can I get by being an AGEWELL CLUB member?

Of course, being a member will not only let you enjoy embracing the aging process but it also has perks that will make you happy joining the club:

  •  Get the exclusive AgeWell Kit that contains your Club ID and limited edition AgeWell Notebook
  • Attend monthly learning sessions on health awareness, nutrition, fitness, mental health and emotional wellness for free
  • Join recreational activities like field trips, heritage walks, cultural and food tours, and other fun activities either for free or at discounted rates 
  • Directly access health and wellness experts who understand your needs like geriatricians, nutritionists, fitness coaches, and family counselors
  • Enjoy exclusive promos and deals from AgeWell and other Unilab brands
  • Avail of 20% discount for medical house call, where a doctor can go to your house when you need one or when you want your laboratory tests done in the comforts of your own home
  • Avail of an annual health check-up package customized to seniors for only P200 
Essentially, being a member of the AgeWell Club means your journey to aging well is already covered. Not only will you get to meet fellow "seniors" but it will also ensure that your health and wellness comes first!


"Aging is both a blessing and an opportunity, and it is only when we embrace aging that we truly enjoy living."

Join now! Check out AGEWELL CLUB.

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