Why Picture Company Is Our Favorite Studio To Capture Milestones

Keeping Memories Alive

I have always been a sucker for taking photographs. I've heard before that we take photos of the moments in our lives that we will always want to remember. I am so glad for camera phones because we get to capture important moments as they happen, right?

You see, there is a certain comforting feeling in knowing that you can always come back to a time or moment in your life through a photograph taken. That is why, my phone, laptop and flashdrives are full of photos of me, my son, my friends, my family and my day to day work as a public servant. I know that I can just look at them real quick when I want to remember it all.

The Picture Company

I used to think that preserving memories need not be paid with money. With all the techie gadgets nowadays, we can all do it for free. But then again, I was wrong. There are just certain things that my not-so-artistic eyes can't capture that a good photographer can. So in my search for the perfect photo studio, I chanced upon one that aims to capture memories through fun and play. So that's how I learned about THE PICTURE COMPANY.

Here's a little background about this awesome studio:

Once upon a time many, many years ago, there was a woman named Eileen who gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. He was so precious that she just HAD to have his portraits taken. She searched all over the Philippines for a studio to take the pictures, but Alas! All the studios she went to were dark and dirty. Eileen couldn’t take it. Something must be done! Thus, she created her own studio, The Picture Company. It opened its first branch in Podium 2002. People were amazed! The place was so bright and beautiful, the merchandise was so innovative and the pictures were awesome! It was truly something different. Expanding every year, The Picture Company now has six branches across Metro Manila: Podium, Alabang Town Center, Powerplant, Mall of Asia and Bonifacio High Street and Greenbelt. We opened our first international branch in Malaysia October last year. On February 2010 The Picture Company opened in Cebu and in May 2010 another store will be opened in Malaysia!

Our Christmas Family Pictorial

We first decided to avail their services when my family and I wanted to have our first ever studio-taken family picture. So, I headed to the Rockwell Power Plant branch to try their free photo session
to see if they can capture what we wanted. Here are some of our best shots!

My sisters and I with the kiddos

My parents and their grandkids!

Christmas Pose!

Needless to say, we were all satisfied by the way our photos turned out, there was a bonus too! We got to have our own calendar using our favorite shots! Here it is:

Talk about one year's worth of holiday memories!

Mother and Son Photo Sesh

I was so satisfied with the way our personal photographer Crystal captured our holiday photos that I decided to have a pictorial with my son Choi. This time, our personal photographer was Hershey who once again was able to capture the exact feel and look that I was aiming for, here they are:

I added the blog title for effect! hihi

My favorite shot of my little guy!

My little man!

Why TPC is our favorite studio

Aside from the amazing photos they were able to capture, here are 3 awesome reasons why The Picture Company is now our go-to place for preserving memories!

1. Bang for your buck

Yes, becoming a member can be a bit expensive but hey, you can't expect priceless memories with a cheap price right? I paid for 12k membership (one year) where you will be entitled to a lot of freebies and perks. The prints will be yours for only P800 pesos as a member and only P100 for reprints. You will get to have FREE photo sessions during your birthdays too!

2. Clean, highly-equipped and creative studio

One of the things that attracted me to the TPC studio is that they are complete with costumes and props that will ensure an easy, breezy photoshoot with a toddler in tow. Aside from this, their studios are cool, well-lit and clean. But hey, they don't just do studio sessions - they capture moments outdoors too!

3. Friendly people

TPC folks are so friendly and accommodating that you will easily feel comfortable posing for the lenses. If you have ideas for your theme, you can easily approach them and they will collaborate with you. 

I completely recommend that you go to any of their branches nearest to you so you can start capturing those memories you will always want to remember! Thank you THE PICTURE COMPANY - we are definitely coming back for more! 

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  1. I've never tried them but will consider, thanks to your review. We're looking at getting a family photograph taken for the holidays!

    1. try them na sis! I swear, you won't regret it. 😄

  2. Thank you for sharing, I was just thinking of which photo company to go to! I want to try them when we're in the Philippines kasi sulit. I'd also like to try getting a calendar. Isn't that a cool gift to loved ones, a calendar of family pic haha :D Thanks for sharing this!

  3. I used to bring my children at Picture Company, when they still enjoy being photographed. Ayaw na nila now that the twins are 13. Kaya i enjoy ng lubos ang kakulitan, ang kabibuhan at hugs and kisses ng iyong cute na cute na bebe habang wala pang sariling mundo. hehe!

  4. We had a photo session at The Picture Company too years ago when my girls were still preschoolers. Back then the membership was cheaper, I think. Would love to have another photo session soon now that we have a son and another baby on the way. :)

  5. I've never had our family go to a photo session yet. My last time was when I was younger and we'd go to a traditional photo studio. Not the ones in malls. Hehe.

  6. Great photos you have there. We're not so fond of having our pictures taken in a studio as we like taking moment shots from our own gadgets. But, yours are pretty cute specially the mom and son pic. I might check them out soon.

  7. I read a lot of good things about The Picture Company and your pictures confirmed those positive feedbacks. Will make sure to pay them a visit.

  8. Nako, ako super gusto kong magpapicture lagi si Enzo kaso minsan I find it too expensive hehe. pero pag nakakakita ako ng mga finished product parang naiisip ko okay din kasi ang ganda ng kinalabasan. Magkano ang rates nila pag ndi member?

  9. I don't think we have a branch here in Davao, but I totally understand why you love it. Good service is on top of my list too!

  10. I have been quite ambivalent about having photos taken in a studio nowadays since I have a brother who's a photographer/videographer. Problem is, he's always uber busy it is really hard to schedule a shoot with him. :) I might try to check this out in time for my son's upcoming birthday :)

  11. The photos are all nice, Nhessie! I heard medyo mahal diyan sa TPC, tama ba?

  12. Great photos :) Good thing there's a branch in the mall I frequent to, so I have to check it out :)

  13. I love having our pictures taken at a studio. We've also tried Picture Company and their pictures always look great! I love the calendar. Will get one!