Life Lessons I Learned From My Son

It's been a while since I last posted anything remotely personal, (yet again) on my blog. Busy days at work had me preoccupied that I only had time posting about the events I've attended of late. Today though, is a very special day for me, no, it's not my birthday nor Choi''s just that we spent quality time together today that I realized, I've forgotten to write down my special moments with him unlike before.

You see, Choi is my 3 year old rambunctious little boy whom, just like any other son to their Moms have been teaching me bits and pieces about life that you will only get to see through the eyes of a child. 

So, for the past 3 years, I've narrowed down 5 essential life lessons having a little boy taught me:

1. Patience will get you through all the hard times

Yes, raising a little boy can be difficult, stressful yet fulfilling. I just look at him sometimes while he plays and wonder at how patient he can get when he wants something so bad. I marvel at his steady determination to put a toy he dismantled back together. And his patience when the process gets too long.

So it's pretty much how it is in real
life - if you want something so bad and if you want to get through the hard times - patience is going to be your best friend. 

2. You are a super hero

Well, at least in the eyes of your child. Your ability to kiss away a "boo-boo" & they look at you like you're walking above water is an awesome feeling. 

There are those "kilig" moments where they would brag about you to others saying "my Mom can do this and that better" that would make you feel like you're wearing a cape more powerful than supermans'! 

3. Tiny hugs can ease the pain 

Yes, raising a little boy on your own without a partner can be trying. When they get sick or when you find yourself desperately trying to balance a bagful of groceries in one arm while carrying your tot in the other - those moments make you question whether you are doing things right and if you made the righ decision. 

But believe me, one tiny hug and a big sweet smile will make all your worries dissolve into thin air. Yes, complicated relationships, solo parenthood and struggling to make ends meet are painful stages in life - but those little arms hold a certain magic not even Houdini can explain. 

4. You may not be perfect but you are doing it right

There are no perfect parents. We all make mistakes and we find ourselves doubting one decision after another when it comes to raising our children. But here's a newsflash I discovered while trying to raise my little boy - we are all doing it right. 

How can I say that when I'm no expert myself? I just look at how healthy & happy he is and I'm almost 100% certain I've been passing in some points when it comes to Mommahood. 

5. No one will love you or protect you like your son would 

At the tender age of 3, I've seen Choi get into protective stance when my sisters would pretend to hurt me. He would cry with me when I pretend to get hurt. That's how I knew that this little boy would fight for me with every inch of his being. 

How The Wrong Choices Take Us To the Right Places

I used to think Choi was a mistake. That he is a product of some stupid decision I made in life. But oh how wrong I was! The very first moment I laid eyes on him, all my fears and doubts turned into certainty.

Having a son is a blessing. Yes I am certain of that now. And each day, I feel blessed and wonderful that GOD chose me to be the mother of Choi. 

I love being a Mom and I wouldn't trade what I have now for anything in the world. (I wouldn't mind having a baby girl though! Hehe). So if you have a son whom you think is a blessing to you - hug them tight right now for there is only a short time left before they become a grown man.

I love you Choi! 😍😍😍

Rolled Into One Mom


  1. Very inspiring. I have two sons now and they teach me every day on how to act well as an adult. Their needs make me understand them and see what I am doing wrong and their actions can sometimes rebuke me and mirror me as how I act towards them.
    It really is such a blessing to have children, it just takes time to embrace it. =)

  2. Having a son is a blessing - amen! My 4-year old is also very protective of me too (has been protective since he was 3, too). Love it!

  3. Awww, kailan kaya ako makakanood ng Finding Dory, hehe. My son is still 2 and he's not into movies yet. Btw, your son is so lovely. I remember, when I pretend that I'm hurt, my son would tell me, "don't cry mama". Priceless!

  4. Awwww I super get how you feel. I'm super close to my little boy and my relationship with him is somehow different from my girls. But I agree, we learn a lot of things from our kids, life lessons as well as stuff about ourselves we never knew before. :)

  5. Your son is cute and ang gwapo, like you I also learned a lot from my little boy. And sometimes out of the moon he suddenly hug me and kiss me. Our son is a gift from God that always brings joy in our hearts :)

  6. Felt like I read my own story. Hahaha! Good job, momma! It's a tough world for single mums out there but knowing that there is a little boy cheering for us, we just keep going. :)

  7. Our children are life's best blessings. They love us unconditionally despite our imperfections.

  8. I admire you for being a tough single mom. No wonder your little boy loves you so.

  9. Your son is so cute. Children are indeed a blessing for all of us!

  10. Your son is super guapo! Patience is also the first thing hubby and my son taught me, before kasi short-tempered ako. I totally agree that having a child is a blessing. Actually sometimes, I still can't believe na mommy na ko :)

  11. It may sound cliched but every child is a blessing. Sometimes we just don't see it right away. :)

  12. This is love. They say raising a child is so hard. What more if you're on your own? I salute moms like you. :)

  13. It really is a joy to have a son, they teach them so much about ourselves and about life in general!