Health Practices Of My Family : Staying Healthy With UNILAB

Today's erratic weather makes me a little bit more paranoid when it comes to my family's health - specially when it comes to my 2 year old boy Choi. The sudden change from warm days to extremely cold evenings make him more prone to coughs and colds and I want to make sure that he gets enough care from me. At times like this, I become extra careful in choosing what to feed him, what times of the day we let him play outside and what vitamins we provide him with.

But of course, my consciousness and practices doesn't just stop with Choi. I live with my parents and sisters so it's a collective effort from us to be 100% sure that each one of us is in the best state of health. Our dad is nearing his 70's and of course he's not exempted from the usual aches and pains of old age.

My family minus my brother and sister and other half who's abroad. 

My 2-year old boy is your typical happy, rambunctious little boy. He likes driving me and my family crazy by storming around the house like a tornado. As a Mom, I want to keep him that way all the time, but then again, we can't avoid the usual fever and colds that hit him at the most inopportune times. So as a precaution, I make sure that he takes Ceelin Plus and Growee. Both contains Vitamin C that ensures he is protected. Ceelin also contains Ascorbic Acid (Ceelin) which increases body resistance to stress and infections and hastens recovery from illnesses and the healing of wounds. Also indispensable in the formation and maintenance of firm and healthy gums, teeth, cartilages, osteoid tissues, blood vessels, and connective tissues.

Growee on the other hand assures me that there's a supplement that will help him avoid stunted growth. What I like about Growee is that it also contains all the vitamins Choi will need such as Vitamin A, D3, E and so much more. I also noticed how his appetite has improved with Growee. 

Choi holding his favorite Growee food supplement. 


There are times when sickness can't be prevented and strikes one or two of our family members. When this happens, I've got my ever reliable meds that help speed up the healing. Like my Dad who suffers from body aches after tinkering with different things in the house to pass the time. We make sure he takes Alaxan FR, gets enough rest and drinks lots of water so that the next day, it's like nothing was amiss. 

My Dad, niece Sofia, My Mom and Choi 

My 7 year old niece Sofia and Choi on the other hand, sometimes comes down with fever or flu. This is when Biogesic For Kids comes in handy. It's also what their pedia prescribes all the time. 

Choi holding his Biogesic
Other Practices:

Aside from making sure we have medicines and vitamins to keep us healthy and safe, we have other rules in the house that we follow so that we can prevent accidents, sickness and stay healthy. They are:

  • No playing outside in the rain 
  • Use your own glass, spoon and fork
  • Gadgets are only for the weekends - this is to make sure their eyes don't get strained with the light from tablets and phones
  • Sleep in a different room when someone has communicable sickness like coughs and cold so as not to spread the virus
  • No staying out in the sun for too long. Always put on sunscreen.
  • No sodas, powdered juice - drink water all the time.
  • Sterilization of utensils, feeding bottles regularly
  • Regular bathroom and toilet clean-up 
My sisters and I with my son Choi and my niece Sofia

My Greatest Treasure

I consider my family as the most prized possession one could have. The things I work hard for are usually because of them. This is the reason I want to keep them healthy and strong. If my parents could live a thousand years - that would be a bonus. Like I always say, cherish each and every moment that you have with them because at any moment - they can be taken away. Thank God for UNILAB for their continuous effort in keeping Filipino families happy and healthy. To know more about their products and how your family can benefit from them too, check out -

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