Media5 and Brand New Media Launch, Online Lifestyle Multi-Channel Network

Manila, Philippines, 12 November 2015 – Media5 Marketing Corporation and Brand New Media announce the launch of, an online lifestyle multi-channel network that houses 10 channels featuring a full spread of lifestyle videos of what Filipinos love. All of the video content available in the channels can be enjoyed for free any time, anywhere, on any connected device. serves content via a best-in-class video technology that plays the videos seamlessly even on a tablet or mobile phone. Thousands of hours of helpful video content about food, fashion, home, and health & wellness fill the void in local content that Filipinos are most passionate about.

Local and international brands as well as content creators in the country can take advantage of and its channels as a medium for their own original video content to be distributed and amplified to their own target audiences.

Emmanuel C. Lorenzana, Chairman of Media5, says, “Keeping ahead of the fast-evolving media landscape means always being on the lookout for the right opportunities to better deliver content to consumers where they are, when they want it. Filipinos are now very sophisticated in the way they consume media, and with their massive online and mobile presence, there is no better time to create and develop more relevant and engaging digital content than now. We are honored to blaze the trail with the multi-channel network and we are excited to showcase what this lifestyle destination has to offer.” 

Mike Constantino, Managing Director for Brand New Media in the Philippines, adds, “ provides an engaging environment for a dialogue with the consumers through video content that is guided by research and insight. In turn, the experience for the audience is one that finally gives them that one place on the web where they can find all the resources they need toward a better lifestyle, through quality content that we serve on a consistent basis. We are eager to create, innovate and reach new heights with our partner brands, agencies and creators. Watching online and on mobile has never been this fun. The Filipino’s viewing experience will never be the same because of what’s channels provide this market.”


About Media5 Corporation
Media5 Corporation is the official sales and marketing arm of TV5 Network Inc. that offers advertising opportunities to local and international businesses via commercial airtime available primarily in television and radio programs that TV5 Network Inc. produces and distributes on all its channels.

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