GRAND VIDEOKE SYMPHONY 2.0 The First Voice Activated Videoke

The First Voice Activated Videoke

tkr372GRAND VIDEOKE, a premium videoke system brand recently launched the GRAND VIDEOKE Symphony 2.0, the first voice activated videoke with GeeVee™ Voice Command Technology.
Forget about browsing the songbook, typing on the remote control or on the mic's keypad. Just tell GeeVee™ your favorite song and your voice is its command! The future of videoke is here and singing became so much more fun and enjoyable. Imagine searching, reserving, and playing your songs using the sound of your voice! Now that's impressive. 
GeeVee™ Voice Command Technology is an exclusive feature of GRAND VIDEOKE. This technology was developed over a period of three years, using more than 1,200 voices comprising of male, female and kids of various ages, tone and accent in order to make it as accurate as possible.
Packed with premium features including HD Sound, 5,157 built-in songs, HD video backgrounds, two professional wireless microphones, 16GB internal memory and more, the GRAND VIDEOKE Symphony 2.0 is the dream videoke system for your home.
Be the first to own one! GRAND VIDEOKE is available at leading music & appliance stores nationwide.

Grand Videoke at the Blogapalooza 2015

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