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I have always been sensitive to smell. Whether it's my perfume or the scents we use for our home, I make sure that it's not going to drive me to nausea. One of my pet peeves has always been a stinky bathroom. Unfortunately, we live near Pasig River so during the summers, there's a tendency for the awful smell to creep into our home. 

We have tried different home perfumes before, from air fresheners even car fresheners. The problem always comes down to their scents not being able to last long. It's frustrating. I even used fresh plants, flowers and charcoal but nothing seem to ever work. 

Until, I attended Blogapalooza 2015. Just a brief background, Blogapalooza is a big event for businesses to network with bloggers. This is a much-awaited event and of course, I made sure not to miss it this year. So going back, one of the partner brands happened to catch my eye. First because of the pleasing pink design. But really, what caught my eye was the name of their brand - Fragrance World. 

The Solution To The Stinky Problem
Plus An Unlimited Income Opportunity

Fragrance World offers a wide array of fragrances for you and your home. Aside from their own products, they also offer an unlimited opportunity for you to get profit from making your won perfume. 

Here are some of the INFOS I grabbed from their website - FRAGRANCE WORLD

Perfume Entrepreneurship 101

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur looking for a business idea or a housewife looking for a home-based enterprise? Or perhaps a high school student with business sense? With Chemworld Fragrance Factory, you can start your very own business with minimum capital and in an industry that is highly profitable perfumery! When starting a perfume business here in the Philippines, there is no other company more trusted than Chemworld Fragrance Factory.

Chemworld Fragrance Factory is committed to helping thousands of promising Filipino entrepreneurs reach financial independence by starting their very own perfume business.  Since 2004, we have been regularly conducting seminars and workshops that teach around 1,000 participants each year the art and science of creating high quality perfumes. With Chemworld Fragrance Factory’s superior perfume-making materials, you can create perfume that’s as good as or even better than expensive designer perfumes sold in department stores.

A Glimpse of Profitability

With an initial investment in a Starter Kit, you can blend four fast-selling scents and generate sales revenue up to THREE TIMES your cost. A simple investment math: for every one peso of invested money, you can generate sales as high as three pesos! Chemworld Fragrance Factory’s Starter Kits range from only PhP 3,500 – 4,000 – which means you can practically start your own perfume enterprise with the money you have in your wallet!

With Chemworld Fragrance Factory, you can start your very own perfume business for only PhP3,500 and generate sales of over 6,000 pesos!

This Is Not A Franchise, It’s Your Own Brand!

Chemworld Fragrance Factory is not a franchise. What we do is equip and supply you with the knowledge and materials you need to start your own brand. Your own perfume brand!

The company was originally an advocacy initiated by Chemworld Marketing Corp to provide livelihood training for those interested in perfume making, but over the years it has evolved into the largest one-stop-shop for perfumery supplies. Since 2004, we have been conducting seminars that go beyond perfume making. Our seminars also include discussions on street-smart marketing strategies, defining your market niche, costing and pricing – everything you’ll need to ensure the sweet smelling success of your brand.

Learn The Secrets Of The Perfume Industry Now!

Join one of our seminars in a Chemworld branch near you - in Festival Mall Alabang, Bel-Air Makati, Shopwise Cubao, Centris Station in Quezon City, Lucky Chinatown Binondo, SM City Davao, and SM City Cebu, SM Dasma, SM Angono, SM Bacolod (soon), and SM Tarlac (soon). Discover the secrets of perfume and learn how to mix your own fragrance in a two-hour session that is only worth PhP500.

If you wish to know more or would already like to reserve a slot for one of our seminars, Click Here. Just select on the dropdown menu which schedule you wish to attend and fill in the necessary fields.

What Are You Waiting For? Start Your Very Own Perfume Business Now! 

Starter Kit A: The Do-It-Yourself Starter Kit

For just as low as PhP3,500, you can purchase our Starter Kit A which includes all the glassware, essential oils and even packaging materials needed to launch your brand. Starter Kit A is perfect for those who want to start mixing their own signature perfume from scratch.

By investing only PhP 3,500, you will be able to make 80 bottles of 10 ml and 30 vials of 2ml perfume. You can sell these sweet smelling products for a total of PhP 6,000, almost double your initial investment! That gives you an enjoyable profit of PhP 2,500!

Starter Kit B: The Premix Kit

Chemworld Fragrance Factory also produces inspired versions of high-end designer perfumes.

If you don’t want to blend your own scent ,you may want to consider the Premix Starter Kit. For PhP 4,000, you can sell 138 pen bottles of 9ml perfume and 15 vials of 2ml perfume and earn a total of PhP 8,280 in sales. That gives you an amazing profit of PhP 4,280!

If you wish to know more about our Starter Kits, check out the images below or visit our e-commerce store here.

Your One-Stop Shop For Perfumery Supplies

Chemworld Fragrance Factory is the largest one-stop shop for all things fragrant. When you’ve run out of supplies, you can always visit any branch nationwide. Check out our wide catalog of Perfume PremixesFragrance Oils, and Bottles. We even have all thebottles you’ll need should you want to mix and store larger amounts of perfume.

Chemworld Fragrance Factory has branches all over the Philippines, including Alabang, Makati, Quezon City, Cubao, Binondo, Cebu, Davao, Cavite, Angono, and Bacolod. Chemworld Fragrance Factory stores operate seven days a week, and we also accept online orders and payments through our official website.

Morning Dew

I was able to take home a sample of their product - Morning Dew Diffusing Oil. I can't even begin to describe how it transformed the over-all scent of our home now. The smell is not so strong, not irritating and has lasted for about 2 weeks now! I must say, I am so satisfied with the results. 

Sample of the diffuser. Photo grabbed from their website.

Home Improvement + Livelihood 

So, if you are looking for the best scents for your home, I would suggest that you give their perfumes a try. I have tried their oils and I must say, I will be loyal to their fragrance oils moving forward. 

And if you want to earn extra income for Christmas? 

Here's what you can do:

For a comprehensive list of all our products, please visit our website.

You may contact us at:

Telephone: +632 895-4410, +632 211-1277
Mobile: +63 917-584-0865, +63 922-817-7550

With Chemworld Fragrance Factory, you’re sure to experience sweet smelling success in no time. We’re looking forward to doing business with you!

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