Online Store Creator TackThis And 5 Best Things About Choosing It To Go Digital

Voyager Communications

E-Commerce has definitely gone bigger nowadays. Many businesses in the country, large and small recognize its' potential but there is definitely a need to prepare them for the unique challenges that come with selling online.

Voyager Innovations (Voyager) the digital unit of PLDT and Smart, together with PLDT Alpha and PLDT SME Nation saw the need to address this gap. For this reason, they have launched its premium concierge service for online store creator TackThis! to over a thousand partner business to help them establish digital footprints and at the same time, provide an extraordinary, efficient and fast online shopping experience to their consumers. 

Here are 5 Reasons Why You Need To Choose TackThis! 

  1. As a platform, TackThis! enables businesses to set up an online store in just a matter of minutes, They can Tack their store on Facebook and other websites and the platform facilitates the customer's entire digital commerce journey.
  2. TackThis! offers a wide array of solutions from PLDT Alpha and PLDT SME Nation.
  3. They have a premium concierge service that gives retailers an end to end services that streamlines their online store requirements. It allows business owners to focus on what they do best - selling their products.
  4. They have advanced features such as professional services such as management of logistics, payments and customer service via a team of TackThis! ambassadors. 
  5. The concierge service also includes store marketing via placement on Takatack, the sister site of TackThis! 
"At Voyager, we believe that E-Commerce is one of the building blocks of the digital economy. TackThis! is already changing eCommerce as it integrates the social shopping experience. Meanwhile, our partners can benefit from the one-stop solution that TackThis! provides,, including our enhanced concierge service." said Mitch Padua, vice president and head of digital commerce at Voyager Innovations. 
Takatack is the sister site of TackThis!
TackThis! has expanded into 30,000 merchants in Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines. There are 400 merchants that are already part of the TackThis! premium concierge program.

Now, there is no need to spend exorbitant amounts to hire a large development and operations team to establish a company's digital footprint. TackThis! provides the simplicity and ease of having an online store. TackThis! aims to help businesses tap into this huge opportunity to reach more Filipinos going and shopping online.


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