Gardenia Breads: Our Household Favorite Brings New Cheesy Treats

Household Favorite

Our family loves bread. Toasted, buttered or fresh from the pack, we definitely can't live without bread. Breakfast, merienda and midnight snack, we make sure there's enough to go around for each one of us. If one doesn't get at least a piece means a trip to the convenience store - I am not kidding. That's what I meant when I say - we LOVE bread. 

I am extremely excited to share that our favorite brand of bread, GARDENIA - considered as The Big Cheese of baked goods just recently added two new products to their long line of baked treats that are nutritious, delicious and highly addictive, in a good way! 

The Newest Snack Alternative - Gardenia Toasties

Ever heard of a versatile snack made out of bread? That's what Gardenia Toasties are. It's freshly-baked bread, sprinkled with cheesy goodness then baked to a light golden crisp.

It makes for a better snack alternative. Instead of chips, why not munch on Gardenia Toasties, since it's Zero Trans-fat? Great for health-conscious eaters, right?

With it's lightweight and convenient packaging, you can take it anywhere - anywhere your craving strikes! You can also use it with salads, soups or accompaniment for pasta. 

My little boy and I tried it and guess what? We couldn't get enough of it! My nephew even takes it to school as "baon".

My Own Gardenia Goodies!

Cheesy Buns : Eat It On Its' Own

"Masarap kahit walang palaman", best describes Gardenia's Cheesy Buns. 

Enjoy the perfect blend of rich cheesy flavor and the sweetness of milk for an indulgent new level of deliciousness! It’s the perfect snacking experience guaranteed to delight you to the last bite. 

Baked fresh everyday with the finest ingredients, Gardenia Cheese Buns are deliciously soft, flavorful, and made even more mouthwatering by its milky cheese-flavored streusel toppings that’s sure to leave you craving for more!

Gardenia Cheese Buns are so flavorfully awesome, it’s amazing that they contain the general nutrients found in every Gardenia product—including being transfat free. 

Gardenia Cheese Toasties and Gardenia Cheese Buns are just two more yummy new treats brought to you by the Big Cheese of Baked Goods. 

For other exciting snack treats, visit Follow them on for updates, promos, and fun events.

Gardenia Cheese Toasties and Gardenia Cheese Buns are available at leading supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide.


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